The moments we’ve lost

I’m not saying not a lot happens on our street, but when the highlights include:

— a man who jogs down the road very slowly,

— a boy who tools along on his scooter every day it’s not raining,

— the neighborhood dog coming through on his walk …

… yeah, not a lot happens on our street.

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A missed connection

I manage to live consciously in the world, so I know it’s July, and I would even if I hadn’t gone to two fireworks shows over the holiday weekend.

But for some reason, a random glance across the kitchen at a calendar — I wasn’t looking for the date and wouldn’t have been able to see it even if I was — reminded me that it’s July.

Meaning it’s after June 30.

Meaning I missed my friend’s annual birthday email.

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A lost connection

As I do every year at this time, I sent an email this morning wishing a friend a happy birthday.

Her birthday is easy enough to remember, given that it’s four days after my brother’s and exactly one month after mine. Otherwise, there’s no chance I’d remember.

The email didn’t bounce back, so she must have the same email address, and if she gets back to me, it’ll probably be our only conversation until I send an email a year from now. Continue reading “A lost connection”