I like baseball … because I like baseball

The first thing I liked about baseball was playing it.

That shouldn’t be much of a revelation, but reading an article in The Comeback about what some of its staff writers like about baseball actually made me think about it.

Not in the sense of “Yeah, why DO I like baseball?” but more in that it was never something I thought about because I just always have. Continue reading “I like baseball … because I like baseball”

Hall of Fame voters don’t have to repeat mistakes

Mariano Rivera showed up at today’s Yankees-Mets game, so the YES Network announcers discussed whether he should be voted into the Hall of Fame unanimously.

He probably should, but if he isn’t, it’ll be for the same reason no one else has yet … because no one else has yet. Continue reading “Hall of Fame voters don’t have to repeat mistakes”

Double standards and the Baseball Hall of Fame

I confess, I never thought there would be a debate over whether players who used performance-enhancing drugs would make the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Of course they wouldn’t. They were Bad People Who Cheated the Game, and all right-thinking people knew that, right? Continue reading “Double standards and the Baseball Hall of Fame”