Bam-booze-led by a gift

I’ve been to two Yankee Swap parties in my life.

The first was a work party several years ago. I had an early number, grabbed the gift I wanted — a hot chocolate set and mugs — and then watched everyone do what I knew they would do, which was spend the rest of the party swapping the booze among themselves.

There may have also been one other gift that was passed around a lot.

And that was fine with me, since I don’t drink.

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Alcohol, without the pesky … alcohol

My roommate’s lack of response until I shouted his name for a third time led me to believe he had probably knocked himself out hitting his head on the wall of our dorm room.

It was the wee small hours of a Utica morning, and my large roommate, our larger friend and I had just returned from the bar. They had already dealt with a pis … I mean … pressing matter in the parking lot (fortunately both facing away from my car), and I was really hoping they’d both collapse in our friend’s room long enough for me to go to bed.

No such luck.

When he eventually regained both consciousness and lucidity, my roommate had no memory of what had happened, but I gleefully clued him in.

For I had been stone sober the whole time.

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