Little things that mean a lot when traveling

I once had pancakes in the Shannon Airport.

They weren’t diner-quality, nor what Suzi makes on our griddle at home — even though she doesn’t think hers are very good — but they were perfectly fine.

And since that an early morning flight from Ireland to Boston and the time-zone change it entailed were probably going to wreak havoc on my eating schedule, I can appreciate that they were more filling than whatever I would have otherwise picked up at the coffee shop.

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Wherever you’re going, take me with you!

I was sitting on my couch at just the right angle to get a clear view of the blue, cloudless sky outside the window.

And there, tiny in the distance, was an airplane.

Suzi and I have lived in a couple places where we were in the flight path for the local airport, including one where the runway was across the highway from the small deck on the back of our apartment.

I used to sit and watch the planes overhead. I’ve always liked watching planes.

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Two types of people … and one of them is nuts

If memory serves, the man showed up at the baggage check-in at T.F. Green Airport in Providence.

I think my wife and I were going to Los Angeles — Ontario, to be technical, since that was where Southwest flew — by way of Las Vegas.

Seeing the line, he was asking if someone would help him get to the front faster … as he had just gotten there, an hour before his flight.

I had exactly zero sympathy.

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Almost a clean getaway

I believe in jinxes.

Even when I know they’re not actually true — Jake Odorizzi was or wasn’t going to throw a no-hitter against the Yankees the other night regardless of what I said or didn’t say — I still respect them, and still honor them.

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Rockin’ the Bananamobile

My wife and I had just flown from Boston to Los Angeles, and then successfully navigated the baggage claim at LAX.

All we had to do was pick up our rental car, and we’d be off on our adventures.

And that’s when the fun — and by “fun,” I mean “not fun” — started.

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Boredom at the airport is good

I had always thought airport layovers were because I either couldn’t get there from here without stopping or because the mid-trip lounging at somewhere other than my destination was worth the money we were saving.

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London Travels: Shannon Airport —I’m not sure I can cope

One of my wife’s and my favorite travel stories involves Shannon Airport in Ireland.

Three years ago, we had a layover there going from Boston to London, and next to the bright, sparkling duty-free shop was a terminal that looked like it had last been touched in 1974. Continue reading “London Travels: Shannon Airport —I’m not sure I can cope”

Don’t make me miss my plane!

Everything was planned out perfectly.

My wife found a train that left the station near where we live roughly three hours before our flight to Toronto from Logan Airport. We could get on the train, and my housesitting mother could drive our car back home.

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