Planes, trains and fears

My grandmother recently turned 87.

She has never been on an airplane, and is adamant that she never will be.

Meanwhile, her 2-year-old great-granddaughter (my cousin) just flew to Australia with her parents, the type of trip that can be daunting even for people who travel for a living.

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A little nightmare fuel

I believe it was the late racecar driver and announcer Buddy Baker who used to say “a wreck that missed” when drivers narrowly avoided an accident.

There are wrecks that miss … and then there are wrecks that miss.

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Don’t make me miss my plane!

Everything was planned out perfectly.

My wife found a train that left the station near where we live roughly three hours before our flight to Toronto from Logan Airport. We could get on the train, and my housesitting mother could drive our car back home.

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