My parts don’t work quite like they used to, and I hate it

“Ow … ::shuffle:: … ow … ::shuffle:: … (unintelligible groan-like noises) … ::shuffle:: … (more unintelligible groan-like noises).”

The whole thing felt pretty pathetic — my right knee feeling so horrible that I needed to pull myself up by the rail and step with both feet onto each stair because I couldn’t push off that leg.

It wasn’t much better on the way down, either.

I know I had walked two miles followed by 90 minutes of pickleball for the second day in a row, but I hadn’t gone that hard.

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OK, fine … I’m getting older

Even though I feel good most of the time, and am probably as athletic for my age as I’ve ever been, every now and then I’m reminded that I’m less than 2 1/2 years from turning 50.

For instance, a couple weeks ago after my exercise class when one of my classmates were doing box jumps, and I piled them 39 inches high.

I got my feet down, but couldn’t get my hips up to land the jump, so I fell, landing on my side and breaking the rest of the fall with my hand.

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This is not a crisis

My wife and I were joking about what my midlife crisis may look like.

Let’s dispense with the obvious and most-cliche sign — I’m not dumping her for a younger woman. She’s the best part of my life, and I’m not nuts.

Nor will there be a sports car or convertible in my future. They’re not practical, and every time I see a convertible now, I immediately think “midlife crisis.” I’d rather not advertise it, thanks.

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Is aging just what you make of it?

I’ve had a long-running joke with a friend over the time I overheard her at work a few years ago talking about something that happened “in 1996, when I was 5.”

Quickie math at my desk 10 feet or so away determined she was born in 1991, and since her birthday was yesterday, it meant I was between my freshman and sophomore years in college.

She’s now 26, and in her Facebook message thanking people for birthday wishes, wrote that in her head, she’s 24, and “maybe probably likely one of those people who’s going to hit my prime in my 30s.”

With the exception of the first year, her 30s are going to be my 50s. I have no idea where I’ll be in relation to my prime.

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Birthdays and baseball

One of my favorite jokes is that while I’ve always known my wife is smarter than me, she clinched it by making sure she spent her 40th birthday in New Orleans, while four months later, I spent mine at work.

This year, we spent her birthday at “Hamilton” in London, and while I did have to work on my birthday yesterday, I decided I also wanted to do something fun.

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