A piece of the past is no more

Burrstone House used to be a selling point.

It once was a hotel at the corner of Burrstone Road and Champlain Avenue in Utica, but for years was a dorm at Utica College across the street.

For students who didn’t want standard dorm living in either North or South halls (South is pictured above), they could step up to Burrstone or the apartment-style living at Alumni Hall.

Because living in a former hotel room probably seemed pretty cool at the time.

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Really … this isn’t a golf story

By my usual atrocious standards, I actually played pretty well … but this isn’t a golf story.

Even though the course is less than 10 minutes from my house, I had never played there … but this isn’t a golf story.

Because we are who we are, one of us hit a shot off a tree that careened directly back into a sand trap … but this isn’t a golf story.

We laughed at the return of my 3-iron, which he had last seen when I bent it over my knee while we were playing in a tournament in Maine … but this isn’t a golf story.

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The decision I never thought I’d make

If there was one thing I was certain about as a teenager, it was that I would go to Syracuse University.

After all, I was going to be a sports announcer, and Syracuse had the best school for that in the business. The list of alumni proves that.

But for a kid growing up near Albany, Syracuse was my school — the school of Don McPherson playing quarterback and “Pearl” Washington at point guard.

So of course I was going to go there …

… until the day I wasn’t.

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All my favorite college people

It was a late-at-night college kid problem, but it was still a problem.

Bob was a New York Islanders fan, but hadn’t seen him team upset the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs because he was at our college’s senior ball.

Even worse, it was in the pre-internet, -streaming, -texting, -Twitter days, so he had no way of knowing what had happened.

Which is how I wound up “crashing” the ball.

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“Everyone knows” about “those people”

Students at Hamilton College are nothing but rich kids and snobs.

Everybody knows that, or at least they knew at my alma mater, Utica College, a little more than 9 miles away.

It’s just a thing that was true, like upstate New York winters being horrible.

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Getting the answer can be so … unfair?

If you’re looking for rabbit holes to fall down, try searching for “What are the most stupid questions ever asked?

The questions are great, and sometimes the answers are even better.

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Things I learned in college, but not in class

“Many students, nervous about a new environment, follow friends from high school or people whose demographic backgrounds match their own into homogeneous cocoons.“

— Frank Bruni, ‘How to Get the Most Out of College,” The New York Times

A guy I graduated high school with also went to Utica College — for one year, anyway, before he transferred — and before I could even bring up the topic, he made one thing very clear.

We were not going to be roommates, and he didn’t even want to hang out all that much.

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‘Moondance’ and college radio memories

The teacher of my exercise class likes to dip into her varied music collection while leading us in stretching at the end of the class, which is how I heard Van Morrison’s “Moondance” last night.

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From 1994 to 2018 — the stream keeps flowing

A few years ago, I went to Utica College for Reunion Weekend.

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