If I could do it again

Apparently, mulligans aren’t just for the golf course, although an unlimited amount of them there would certainly do some good.

Thanks to Palm Trees and Loyalties, I learned both that there’s a National Mulligan Day and that it was Oct. 17.

Even though I missed it this year, the thought of a day dedicated to going back and fixing something from the past is an enticing one.

But what would I fix?

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And now … we wait

I had an interview last week. I think it went reasonably well.

At least I hope it did, but I’m the worst judge. Only once have I ever been sure I nailed an interview, and I didn’t get that job.

We’ll see what happens this time.

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Really, I just want to heat my food

I was grabbing napkins in the cafeteria at a local museum when I saw it …

… a “self-service heating device.”

Or maybe it was “self-operated.”

But the point is — it was a microwave. (Not the one pictured. That’s the one in my kitchen.)

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Never have I ever

I haven’t drank alcohol in at least 20 years, but in the few times I did before that, I never drank enough to get drunk.

Drinking doesn’t appeal to me generally, so I definitely don’t care to drink so much that I do something stupid or mean, feel like crap the next day and may or may not be able to remember it when it’s over.

Plus, when I like something, I tend to like it way too much, which is one of the reasons I don’t drink in the first place.

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Fight! Fight! And by that, I mean ‘yodel’

Suzi recently read the book “The Alps: A Human History From Hannibal to ‘Heidi’ and Beyond” by Stephen O’Shea, and mentioned that there are Swiss and Austrian versions of yodeling.

As someone whose Little League coach taught his players to yodel a version of “Your old lady my old lady who” in a high, singsong voice (try it) instead of the standard “Here, batter batter batter” — probably good enough for 12-year-olds in upstate New York — I was intrigued.

I was more intrigued, however, to here that the two schools of yodeling thought are at odds.

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Stuff from here and there

Suzi and I eat most of our meals at our kitchen countertop.

There’s one chair at the end, and another on the side. For breakfast, lunch, me hanging out while she cooks, she sits at the end and I’m on the side.

Except dinner. We could literally be sitting at our normal spaces as she makes dinner, and we’ll switch when dinner is done.

Neither of us has any idea why.

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Looking out for your friends

When I was in college, I had a group of people I ate dinner with every night.

Since a few of us, including me, had to be at the radio station at 5, we usually ate at 4:30.

We were a fairly high-spirited group, and there was always lots of banter and give-and-take going around.

Which is why her behavior one night had me worried.

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Don’t throw out those videotapes yet

There were three technological innovations that completely changed the way I lived growing up in the 1980s.

The microwave meant being able to cook meals without much, if any, cooking ability, or heat up leftovers with minimal effort.

We didn’t have cable, so our satellite dish — a giant one on a pole attached to the back of our house — let us watch channels other than the three or four on our TV, although they were mostly sports channels because the hill behind our house blocked most of the satellites. (Not like I was complaining.)

And then there was the VCR.

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Sometimes, you have to stop to enjoy the scenery

I had been wanting to go to the Staples across town for a couple days, so when something came up where I had to go to the hardware store, I figured I’d take care of both of those and grab some lunch while I was out.

It was a very simple plan:

Hardware store.




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Moving music … live and in person

It had been a great concert, but I knew it was almost over, she hadn’t played the one song I wanted to hear the most.

I was starting to worry, but then …

“When it rains it pours

But you didn’t even notice …”

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