In the District: A dash of cynicism

Why did I stop to note K Street on our way to dinner, as opposed to streets named for other letters of the alphabet?

Because K Street symbolizes whatever shady goings-on were probably happening between people in dark suits over $100 steaks at the same time as Suzi and I were at The Cheesecake Factory.

However, because it took so long to get our meals — something about running out of the cut of chicken that was used in our dishes — they did comp our cheesecake, which was nice.

Earlier in the day, we were walking around the city, and randomly happened upon the D.C. Circuit Court.

It’s one of those things I imagine happens a lot in Washington (which will probably be part of a larger post at some point) — you’re just going about your business and walk past a tremendously important institution.

As I was explaining to Suzi the importance of the D.C. Circuit — including that it’s considered a breeding ground for Supreme Court justices — a man walked by and, having only overheard that part of the conversation, grumbled, “Supreme Court ‘justice’ is an oxymoron.”

Neither of us even broke stride.


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