One more lap

I hadn’t been on the loop in my neighborhood in a bit.

Normally, I do it when I really want to get out for a walk, but the time or light are short. There was still plenty of light left, but I had been working all day, with more to do, and I just needed a break.

Apparently, it had been a nice day — I was in front of my computer for all of it — but by the time I went out, the T-shirt and light jacket combination was a touch optimistic.

It’s a little bit like what we’re going to face when we go to Washington, D.C. — that great weather in-between where you’re traveling and don’t know exactly what to bring.

My usual answer is “bring everything,” but for just a three-day trip, we’re only bringing carry-ones, so I’ll have to make some decisions. I think I’ll be able to manage.

When I walk the loop, it’s usually only for a couple laps, just enough to clear my head. But as I was approaching the end of the second lap, I realized I was still in “think” mode and not “look up” mode, so I decided to give it another lap.

After all, what was I going to do back in the house? Work some more? Yes, actually, that’s what I was going to do.

Our neighbors’ daughter, and her dog, live in D.C., but the dog spends a lot of time visiting up our way, so when our neighbor came out to take her for a walk, I stopped for a pet and to say we’d be in her neighborhood soon.

Our neighbor was going to be walking with another guy from our street, so they asked me to join them. The three of us, and the dog, walked together for a lap.

One of the yards was full of the remnants of a tree being cut down — one of the guys said he heard something about solar panels — and we wondered about what would happen if people started showing up and hauling away giant hunks of wood.

Supposedly, there was a Facebook post saying it was OK.

I bowed out once we circled around to my house, but it felt good.

This week was the classic “terrible last week before vacation” week — especially the last two days, one in which I managed to be spectacularly annoyed and spectacularly annoying at the same time, followed by a day I wasn’t sure would ever end.

And as rough as the last week was, what I’ll be going back to won’t be any bargain.

But I have these five days — these five laps, if you will — with a chance to neither ponder the past nor worry about the future.

Let’s see if I can actually do it.


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