Hidden on the ground

The sun, sky and setting combined to set the scene in that perfect, just-before-sunset kind of way.

Given a choice of going to the gym or walking outside, Suzi and I figured that since it was reasonably warm and there was at least a little light left, we’d hit the walking trail near our house.

We weren’t the only ones thinking the same thing, as we passed multiple fellow flashlight-carriers.

But as nice as the sunset scene over the water was, something else caught my eye.

It was a small, blinking red light — a plane.

That I would have wanted to be on the plane, assuming it was leaving Boston and not arriving, goes without saying. Yet for some reason, something else struck me for the first time in the more-than-40 years I’ve been flying or watching planes overhead.

Because I could see the plane, I could wonder where everyone was going and what they were doing. I could fantasize about going somewhere myself.

The people on the plane, however, were probably low enough that they could see the ground, but they couldn’t see me, even with my flashlight. There was nothing to make them wonder what anyone was up to.

All they could see was where they had just left or where they were about to touch down.

I don’t know if that means anything, and it’s not a particularly melancholy thought. It’s just something that struck me.

Since we last saw each other …

Bruce reminisces about where he grew up.

Rosie’s in a bit of a funk.

Kay had some trouble finding a dress.

There’s a guy out there who’s lucky Ally is the honest type.

Vanessa is learning to drop the mask.

Austin updates the progress of his novel, although it seems like the “novel” part of it is doing fine.

Graham turned his walks into a poem.

Pea Green took some snow photos.

Savannah has a list of things she’d like to do this year.

Becky had an anniversary.

Betsy got the boot.

Jackie wasn’t ready for Christmas to be over just yet.

Vee’s missing employee has been found.

Pam hates that her days are getting shorter.

But also the worst (aside from Suzi’s birthday), so there’s that.

My point exactly!

It is very much not fun.

The furniture for my first apartment came from the neighbors’ yard sale and set my back all of $20.

The last thing the people I work with would see is my behind headed out the door.


2 thoughts on “Hidden on the ground

  1. When I’m outside and see a plane go overhead I wave hello and good-bye, then wish the travelers well. I never think about where they’re going, just hope they get there safely. I guess I should be more curious about their destinations.

    Thanks for including me in your round-up.

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  2. Millennial here. Apparently I flew the coup like a seasoned GenXer as much of my furniture in my first apartment was either ‘hand-me-downs’ or things I fished out of a dumpster. I thought that was just the way to do it…

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