A royal mystery

I got an interesting Facebook message from Renee, one of my longest-suffering and best friends, the other day.

“I had a dream last night that Prince Harry had retweeted one of your tweets and called it out for being so profound … wish I could remember what you tweeted.”

This does raise a couple questions — and no, not “Why do you guys communicate by Facebook Messenger when you could text?” … It’s just what we do, OK? — even beyond why she’s dreaming about me and Prince Harry.

People have weird dreams, those things happen.

The questions even surpass wondering how much of a boost my writing and tweeting would get if I had Prince Harry’s endorsement.

On the one hand, he’s one of the most-famous people in the world.

On the other … there are plenty of people who seem to hate his and his wife’s guts. Would that send some unwanted attention my way? Actually, so what if it did? Maren Morris would have my back, and that’s cool by me.

Question No. 1 — What could I have possibly tweeted?

It would have to be something that caught his attention, that he would want everyone to know about.

And I think I found it.

In my Sunday blog post of Jan. 19, 2020, I shared some amazing news coming out of Great Britain, which, of course, I then tweeted. In case you’ve forgotten, this was the news.

To me, this was so astounding, it clearly topped anything else coming out of the country that week, including that little deal about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle giving up their “royal highness” titles.

So think about it — dude’s in the middle of a tumultuous time in his and his wife’s life, probably feeling pressure all around, knowing that the people who hate them for all the “special” reasons they hate them are probably going out of their minds … and he sees something about a guy beating autocorrect?

Of course he’s going to share that!

However, there is one more small, minuscule point to consider.

Question 2 — Is Prince Harry on Twitter?

As best as I can tell, no.

Well, probably no.

At least not that we know about.

Prince Harry founded the Invictus Games, and its foundation has a Twitter account, although I assume its messages are slightly more highbrow than a guy finally being allowed to curse on his phone.

The Royal Family has what looks to be an official Twitter account, which I guess he could use if they hadn’t changed the password by the time he said he was done with the whole “royal highness” thing.

I also assume I’ll be getting this card.

Like another older brother named William, the Prince (and Princess) of Wales also has a Twitter account.

Did you know they were in Boston not that long ago? If you lived within 100 miles of the city and came across any news the week before and a few days after, you did.

However, I didn’t see anything that looked official when I searched for Prince Harry on Twitter, and the only social media referred to on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex website is an Instagram account.

But I’m still willing to bet he could be on Twitter, thanks to the old “secret account.” Think “Pierre Delecto,” although I don’t think we’re going to need internet super-sleuth Ashley Feinberg to find this one.

Because … if Prince Harry has a secret Twitter account, and Renee dreamed about it retweeting something of mine … then Renee must know what the account is.

And telephone … telegraph … she’s going to tell me what it is. (Just send me a note on Facebook Messenger.)

By the way, at the risk of what rendering what may not be all that funny obviously not all that funny, the only parts of the above that are not 100 joking are:

  • Yes, my friend Renee had that dream.
  • Yes, I wrote about beating autocorrect.
  • The level of hatred for Harry and Meghan makes no sense to me.
  • Maren Morris is awesome.

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