Going ‘crazy’

From the time Suzi first told me about her idea, she said it was crazy.

Her birthday is at the end of January, and her idea is to see Adele in Las Vegas.

The crazy part isn’t the thought of seeing Adele — she has wanted to for years, and I certainly won’t object — or even the ticket prices. Yes, the ticket prices are crazy (although my father pointed out they’re not nearly as crazy as Super Bowl tickets), but if you’re going to do something like this, it’s in for a penny, in for many, many pounds.

No, the crazy part is that we’ve never had any desire to go to Las Vegas.

Neither of us gambles, and while I’m sure there are tons of people who would tell me there’s more to Vegas — Adele concerts, for example — it’s the first thing we think of.

And while I can imagine a sort of Times-Square-sensory-overload vibe from the Strip, it’s never something I’ve pondered going out of my way to see.

Plus there were the guys on that plane from Providence, although that’s not really Vegas’s fault.

But as we were talking about this with my parents, Suzi had a question for me.

What’s my crazy idea?

And … I didn’t have one.

I have no flights of fancy, no “wouldn’t it be nice” thoughts, nothing that could inspire to say “What the f**k? Let’s do it.”

This also highlights another major difference between Suzi and me. If she’s serious about going to Vegas to see Adele, we’ll be there. A guidebook will show up at our house, and she’ll have figured out the best date, time and hotel.

She has always been one to make ideas come to fruition. Heck, our first date was one of those.

On the rare occasions I come up with an idea — stupid or not — my first thought is to figure out why it can’t work. For example, when my father suggested the Richard Petty Driving Experience, I answered that I don’t know how to drive stick.

He said he doubted that would be a problem, that they’d need automatic-transmission cars because so few people know how to use a stick shift these days. (It appears to be highly recommended at Petty, although I could tool around Pocono Raceway in an automatic.)

We got a good laugh out of it, especially when I suggested that what would be really fun would be turning it into the Ross Chastain Driving Experience.

THAT was a crazy idea.

It worked, though.

Image by young soo Park from Pixabay


3 thoughts on “Going ‘crazy’

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  2. We drove through Vegas during the day just a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t sensory overload during the day, I can at least tell you that much! 😛 Not that it’s helpful, but I think you should do it. I, too, am of the mind that sitting home and doing the same old same old is just fine, but it really helps to enjoy life more when you get out a live a little. 🙂

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