Turkey time: Nov. 20

The other day, work took me to a place where local seniors were being treated to a Thanksgiving meal.

As I was taking care of my business, one of the people working the event let me know there was a to-go container for me outside.

It was very nice, but completely unnecessary, so I told her I really didn’t need it. She repeated herself, in a way that made clear turning it down would not be an option.

Yes, let the record show that I actually tried to say no to turkey, but it made for a good lunch the next day. I had no idea they could fit so much into such a little container, although I went for the “mix everything together” configuration to make sure everything got some gravy.

This week will be devoted to both the giving of thanks and the eating of turkey, even before the unexpected feast a few days ago. First is with the in-laws, then at home Thanksgiving Day, then with my family over the weekend.

Plus leftovers, give me all the leftovers, please.

It’ll be wonderful.

Stuff I read

Shirley was not a great cross-country skier, nor did she have a good experience with people who were.

Graham had another health scare. May the problem be fixed and this be the last one.

Lilly has been gone for a long time, so she eases back in with … the meaning of love.

Vanessa can only handle one habit at a time.

Pea Green has been feeling uninspired about writing lately. I can relate.

Kristian gets inspiration from nature, even if it’s a picture Austin took of it.

Tweets I liked

When I dance, you’d swear I packed two left shoes.

And then sometimes it’s because you injured your other foot.

There’s a moment right before you do something like this — well, not this specifically, since I don’t think anyone reading this is the head of a wildly corrupt international organization, but something stupid in general — where you think “this is a good idea” and “yeah, this will work.”

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all done it, although probably not this spectacularly.

I’m sure it was glorious.

This thread might be both the greatest cure for writer’s block ever and the best argument against my hatred of all things writing prompts. (Will I abide by it? Probably not.)

Because if she wants to do anything with that lot, all of the people who live nearby will complain that it’s totally out of character with the neighborhood (even if their lots look EXACTLY the same), and the increased traffic will ruin the water and cause all the children to be hit by cars.

When I saw this, my first thought was that she’s absolutely right, and my second was that, when it happens, it puts you in an even worse mood!


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