Taking advantage: Nov. 6

I had been out playing pickleball — meaning my heel was going to be in a world of hurt within a couple hours — but I figured Suzi would want to get out in the ridiculously good weather for early November.

However, she had another idea.

A picnic.

Even though we got a basket with picnic supplies for our wedding, we’re really not “picnic” people — a long-ago Josh Groban concert and impromptu dinner on our last night in Luzern notwithstanding.

That being said, it was a splendid idea.

We ordered subs, Suzi threw together a batch of cookies and we were off to the local park.

There were plenty of picnic tables available for us to enjoy lunch before we took a quick walk around the park. (It’s about what we would have done, anyway, but it was also about as much as my foot could take.)

Around the park were people taking advantage of the beautiful day — small children on the beach, people walking dogs, families riding bikes — but it wasn’t just about getting outside on a 75-degree day in November.

It was about finding something joyful, and going and getting it.

What I wrote

Since I didn’t do one of these last week, the highlights may be for more than just the past seven days.

For example, there was my trip to Toronto, where we found some perspective on things going wrong, not having a plan led to some happy accidents and, overall, it was exactly what I needed.

Stuff I read

Savannah tells her favorite story. It is a good one.

Bruce had an interesting guest drop by for dinner.

Giggles has been dealing with COVID. Kristian, too, and it has apparently caused some weird dreams.

Graham turned a health scare into a poem.

Pea Green’s health problem was a massive migraine.

Renata has tips for going to a sporting event. I’m cool with most of these; I think we could hang.

Betsy’s husband got some weird texts. As for what I’d do, delete and don’t ever think about it again.

Sally’s car has been a devoted, reliable companion … until the worst possible time.

Becky’s latest diary entry includes needing a wardrobe adjustment.

Fran is wondering what’s happening with social media. (Her and pretty much anyone else who uses it.)

I don’t really have a take on the question Kathryn asks, but this is just a really good post about having parents, being an adult and all sorts of other things.

I’m not sure Facebook thinks much of River’s sense of fashion.

The BosssyBabe needed a nipple.

Tweets I liked

Ummm … any chance we could rework that ratio a tad? It feels a little “heads the bad guys win, tails the good guys lose.” (I’ve followed for quite a while; I get that it’s satire.)

Me too.

I missed it because I was just about to get on a plane coming back from Toronto. However, my mother said my dad got all excited watching it, and he doesn’t get all that excited about anything.

First of all, yes.

Secondly, when I worked in a grocery store years ago, we had a promotion where you got a sticker for every $5 you spent, and if you got enough of them you could redeem them for various items like the one below.

Let me tell you … people loooooooooooved those stickers.

If this was ever me, one of two things would happen.

Either I’d kill everyone in front of me, or they’d let me on the plane … strapped to the wing. (I’m a little anxious about being late at airports.)

As a picky eater, I’ve dealt with this long enough that … whatever … but it can get annoying at times.

Click onto this thread and read it until the end (and then come back here once you do). It’ll be worth it.

I was not a big passer of notes in high school, so one time when I got one that had “W/B” written at the end, I actually tried to look up what it meant because I had no idea.

I eventually figured it out — “write back.”

We’re fans, but if you watched the end of the first season and are now into the second, it’s almost like the writers of the first season weren’t necessarily expecting a second.

If people are happy to get a vacation from me … first of all, I don’t care, and secondly, the feeling is probably mutual.

Simply glorious!

Many congrats!


4 thoughts on “Taking advantage: Nov. 6

  1. Thanks for the mention! Your opinion about the text is in the majority.
    Sounds like you had such a lovely day at the park! Good on you! Also, sorry your foot is still causing your trouble. 😦
    My parents absolutely had that white with blue flower cookware. Crazy. Haha.
    The twitter account from god. That cracks me up. Just the pronoun part was great, and then the tweet itself. I may have to follow that account.
    Thanks for the round-up of funnies, Bill! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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