A new view: Oct. 16

“There’s a body of water over there,” Suzi said.

Oh yeah, there was. The stream continued behind me as I turned around. We wondered about the metal over the water — probably too wide to have been railroad track, maybe a former bridge?

I had never noticed the water before, even though I had driven over it probably dozens of times. But noticing isn’t something you do on that road, a highway where the only purpose is to get off as quickly as possible while hoping you don’t get stuck in traffic, especially at the rotary.

Rotaries (or traffic circles, or roundabouts, depending on where you live) remain the worst.

But we weren’t driving. We were walking along a new stretch of trail running parallel-ish to and eventually over the road. Having traversed most of the readily available trails to the outskirts of Boston and the New Hampshire border, we were excited to have new ground to cover.

Even better, the day was glorious and we were both home, so even though I probably would have rather amputated my foot at the ankle — there has to be something behind feeling like my heel is being stabbed after playing pickleball, and maybe someday I’ll get it checked out — we weren’t going to miss the opportunity.

Signs said the trail was closed because it was still under construction and that people should not enter, but the number of walkers and cyclists indicated that people didn’t really care about those signs.

After all, they were easy enough to walk around. The cop whose car was parked nearby didn’t seem to mind.

We eventually got to the bridge, looking at the highway from above through a fence. It was quite a view, but something interesting happened.

Somewhere, I couldn’t tell you where, a car honked its horn. What made it interesting is that even though I was standing on a bridge over the highway, not driving a car on it, the sound of a horn made me jump.

We had gone far enough. My heel was in pretty awful pain by that point, and we had reached the end of the paved portion.

New adventures, perspectives and discoveries will await.

What I wrote (and some ramblings about writing things)

The good thing about bad days is that they end, unless the next day is also bad.

That was the final blog post in Summer Brennan’s 30-Day Notebook challenge.

Whether it’s a challenge like this one, Blogtober, Blogmas or just seeing how far I can go (which interestingly, is the longest I’ve ever lasted, 60 days), it reinforces how hard it is for me to come up with things to write every day.

I was actually ready to admit defeat a few weeks in, but got the little nudge I needed to keep going. And I did finish, even though several of the posts were quick-hitters that I wrote in the 15 minutes to half-hour between breakfast and going to work.

I complain about writer’s block a lot, but maybe that’s a consequence of the way I approach writing, which is to be inspired by something and then figure out a beginning, middle and end in my head before taking to the keyboard.

And if it doesn’t happen right away, or at least percolate consistently over a short period until I find what I’m looking for, it usually doesn’t happen.

I would love to write more, but I’m not sure the best way to approach it. Should I make sure I find a thing every day and build what I can, maybe in a Five Things format?

Should I collect bits and pieces, dribs and drabs of things and revisit them until I find ways to pull them together? I used to have a draft post called “Flotsam and jetsam” where I did that, but I don’t remember if any of them turned into anything, and I don’t have it anymore

We’ll see. I’ve rambled on long enough. How does everyone else find inspiration?

Stuff I read

For RJ, being a fan is a physical experience.

Mari has learned lessons from weightlifting: “Exhale during the hard part.”

Were it not for Pea Green, I would have no idea that cats and cucumbers are apparently a thing.

Fall isn’t fall in Louisiana like it is in Massachusetts, but it’s good enough for Jeff.

Austin wonders if any of us have a chance if a guy who has it all can’t make marriage work.

Kristian is beckoning.

Shirley told a story that revealed a little too much.

Becky’s going for a trip in the outdoors, but it’s not exactly “camping.”

Savannah lists her fall goals.

Giggles checks in for the first time in a while.

So does Michelle.

In a just world, all of the British TV networks and newspapers would be in a bidding war for Fran’s political punditry.

Alexis tells of a last gathering in the Before Times.

In case you wonder why Will Leitch is the inspiration for these Sunday missives, here’s one example why.

All of these restaurants have one thing in common — I wouldn’t want to go to any of them. There is no food that good.

Wow. That is all.

Tweets I liked

And now we enter the scenery portion of our program.

Did they taste good?


5 thoughts on “A new view: Oct. 16

    1. I can’t stay all the way off it, but the thing that makes it hurt most is playing pickleball. When I’m done, it feels like someone is stabbing me in the heel for the next 24 hours or so. Because we’re going to Toronto this week and will be walking a lot, I actually skipped it yesterday so I could rest it.

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