Dancing and death in the cards: Oct. 9

Cards with moving parts and music aren’t really my thing, so the one with the bananas on the front wasn’t really my fancy.

But the woman a few feet away clearly found it amusing, especially when it started playing “Day-O,” although I’m pretty sure she was shocked at first.

We had a chuckle.

The whole thing probably lasted 30 seconds, but make the bananas dancing elves, assign it to a Hallmark Channel-level writer, and it becomes a meet-cute that’s the basis of a movie that goes into heavy rotation starting Oct. 21.

As it was, we just went our separate ways. If we ever see each other again, it will strictly be coincidence, and I’m sure neither of us will recognize each other.

But I noticed she left with the card.

As I kept shopping, I saw a card with a picture of a birthday cake decorated with “Happy one year closer to death.” Seemed a little direct, but I can appreciate a good “getting older” joke, so I opened it for the punchline.

There was no punchline. It just said, “Enjoy every last moment.”

At some greeting card company somewhere, somebody thought this was a good idea, and nobody stopped it.

What I wrote

We turned the heat on. We have no shame.

There’s a good chance we’re going to Toronto at the end of the month, where everyone will be nice, because … Canada … right?

We did something routine. Routine is nice.

The sun came out, and it was brilliant for my mood.

It was a day to celebrate smiling.

Three envelopes? From the same company? On the same day? There must be a better way.

Stuff I read

Tara posted a poll before getting her hair done. It was intended to be fun. It did not turn out that way.

Bruce went on a leaf-peeping road trip. Come for the wonderful photos; stay for the reference to “the strength of 10 grinches.”

Savannah updated her 73 Questions.

Christina is wondering when everything happened.

Austin is bringing the jokes.

Kristian wants everyone to bow.

Mari’s saying for dealing with difficult times is just brilliant.

Pea Green’s older son is starting to develop some independence.

Becky ran a remembrance 5K.

It didn’t work out, but Paul was excited for his team.

Betsy’s working on dealing with adversity.

Deborah is looking for a job. Looking for a job is not fun.

River found something surprising in the back of her pantry.

It’s Alexis’ first time dealing with all of this, and she has struggled at times.

Tweets I liked

She’s not wrong, but there also a lot of spots in Massachusetts where it feels like there’s about 20 feet to merge.

The road design here is not always the best is what I’m saying.

I shared this bit of drama last week, and am happy to learn it had a happy ending.

Not that there’s usually a line, but I’d be very lonely if this happened.

I’m imagining all my hoodies getting into formation.


4 thoughts on “Dancing and death in the cards: Oct. 9

  1. Card shopping is a bit of nightmare these days. There are times when I just want a funny card, without references to sex, farting or death. They’re getting hard to find.
    And though I wouldn’t have, my husband turned on our heat last week as well. Before November. He’s getting weak in his old age.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t usually receive physical cards anymore since mail doesn’t seem to arrive in China with any consistency from international senders, but IF I DID, I would love the death/enjoy your last moments card.


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