Nothing special, just routine

I’ve said for a while now that I hope someday writes a book or documentary about COVID focusing on the things we had to do just to make it through the first year.

I don’t want it to get into the politics of anything — honestly, it would make me tear my hair out — but I think that someday, once we’re far enough out that people’s memories may start to fade just a touch, we’ll revisit the events of 2020, of just trying to live life every day, and be gobsmacked by it all.

To give just one very tiny example, it felt like a big deal to leave the state for a few hours.

Before that trip to Blithewold, the last time we had left Massachusetts was to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” at The Bushnell in Hartford. Last weekend, we saw “Mean Girls” at the same venue.

I didn’t have high expectations for the show. I had seen the movie and enjoyed it, but just figured the musical would be a cheesy remake that, at best, would be an inoffensive way to spend a couple hours.

However, I really liked it. It was well-done … and a reminder that we never really leave high school.

Before the show, we ate lunch with Suzi’s parents. Afterward, we went back to their house and ordered pizza for dinner.

It was all routine. Routine is nice.


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