Colds and COVID: Oct. 2

It’s a testament to how great Switzerland is that I enjoyed myself immensely despite having a nasty cold almost the entire time.

Worse yet, I couldn’t just try to bombard it into submission with several daytime tablets throughout the day and nighttime tables before bed — which also meant that sleeping was a challenge — because you can’t just walk into a drugstore and grab them over the counter.

Instead, you apparently have to talk to someone at the store, meaning Suzi had to explain in what passes for her French to someone whose English wasn’t any better than her French. I believe mimicking a cough was involved.

I napped through all of this, having finally fallen asleep at our hotel in Lausanne. I didn’t even notice that Suzi had left, or the note she left on the bed telling me she had gone. Panic ensued until I found it.

She came back with some concoction that was part powder, part liquid, with a set of instructions in French that I had to look up on Google so I could translate them. It actually tasted fairly decent; the impact it had on my cold was questionable.

Because cold medicine should never taste good. If it tastes good, it probably doesn’t work.

But as bad as the cold was, it was just a cold, except these days, a cold isn’t just a cold, not when it could be COVID.

It wasn’t COVID. It was a cold. And once I got home and could give it proper medicine, it eventually went away.

“I just tested positive for COVID … Figured I would let you know.”

I would have wanted to know because he’s my friend, but the reason for the text was because we had been together a few days prior, meaning I was possibly exposed.

To be honest, I was reasonably sure I didn’t have COVID for reasons that included not feeling the least bit sick. Still, asymptomatic COVID exists, so I took a test … negative … and sent an email to my boss. We agreed I should work at home the next day, just to be certain.

What felt strange about the entire situation was that it never occurred to me that COVID was even a possibility. We were just a couple friends, living our lives, hanging out, and then one of us got sick.

I’m certainly aware that COVID isn’t gone, and that it can still cause pretty severe health problems even if you’re vaccinated, which we are.

But — and maybe this is stupid and complacent on my part — unless I get sick like I was in Switzerland, I don’t think about the possibility of getting COVID in my day-to-day life.

The good news is that I took a couple more tests, and kept testing negative, so I was fine. I will knock on wood and hope my good fortune continues.

The better news is that my friend and his family are all healthy now and testing negative.

What I wrote

Becoming a billionaire wouldn’t change my eating habits. (Thanks to River for the inspiration.)

A reminder of San Francisco — the vacation that should have been.

The seasons change when they always change, but how did it suddenly get so that I wake up in the dark?

I skipped National Coffee Day, just like I always skip coffee.

For people whose schools look like a mansion, do they get that’s not normal?

I’m not so good at looking on the bright side.

Stuff I read

Erin’s family is going through a big change.

Even if you’ve never heard of the band Graham is writing about, you’ll know what he’s writing about going to one of their shows.

I think anyone would have the same concern as Austin writes about going into a strange house … right?

Rosie realizes she’s not always the problem. I’d be willing to wager she’s the problem less than she thinks she is, but it’s a start.

Christina realizes she has done pretty good.

Paul asks a question I’ve been harping on for years — if you know how a sporting event is going to end, what’s the point? (Perhaps the only exception is if you’re a fan of who you know is going to win, but that doesn’t work for everyone who’s not.)

Renata is excited to break out the boots.

A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but Savannah’s words add some worth to her pictures.

Becky hit The Big E. I’ve never gone, but if you live in New England, you know.

The Single Vegas Girl met an … interesting … guy.

River likes the cocktails, but is that enough to save a restaurant with lousy food?

The Huntress wants everyone to know that the discord in her office isn’t her fault.

Tweets I liked

We won!

A standing ovation would be awesome, but any acknowledgement wold be appreciated.

I hope the woman who previously held one of our old phone numbers got her medication and her bills sorted out.

This video is incredible, and I love Wrigley Field, anyway, but how did the drone operator not crash it a bunch of times?

The Cape Cod League is the best.

Cats and their gifts.

Better late than never, I guess?

If there was a way she could work in “commenting on an article you haven’t read yet,” this would be even better.

Announcement or no, one thing we do in my office is lock the door if we’re going to be leaving anyone alone, even if it is just to go to the bathroom.

If you don’t air-play the drum solo, are you even listening to the song? (And if you don’t know the song, how’s kindergarten going?)

Took me a second.


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