Not my kind of party

I am told that today is a very special day, a day of almost religious significance to its adherents, although most of the celebrations are probably over by now.

And how nice is it that, on this blessed day, we learn that coffee may indeed be good for you!

The last time I drank coffee was in 1993, at a department dinner my junior year of college. One of the guys at my table ordered a cup of coffee, not because he wanted to drink it, but because he liked the way it smelled.

He also loaded it up with cream and sugar, and toward the end of the night, challenged anyone at the table to chug it. I must have been in one of those moods — plus I figured the cream and sugar would take the edge off the taste — so I downed it in one shot.

It was fine … other than my leg shaking for no particular reason afterward. I guess that’s why Nathan W. Pyle calls it “jitter liquid.”

Before that, the last time I drank coffee was when I was … 10? … 11? A friend and I went to a weeklong baseball camp at the University of Albany campus, and since his mother worked there, she took us each morning. (A bonus was that I got to spend the night at his house each night.)

She stopped at Stewart’s every morning for coffee, and in the way kids do when they want to be like adults, we had her buy us one.

The reason why I didn’t drink any more coffee after that is the same reason I haven’t since that dinner my junior year.

I hated the way it tasted.

I also don’t need it for its “medicinal” qualities. Orange juice is enough to get me going in the morning once it gets rid of the just-slept-all-night taste in my mouth

Which is why I really don’t get people who drink decaf. It tastes bad, and without caffeine, what’s the point?


8 thoughts on “Not my kind of party

  1. I prefer my coffee decaf because I do in fact enjoy the taste and don’t like the jittery feeling caffeinated coffee gives me. I prefer my caffeine doses in the form of tea; less intense and only slightly more enjoyable.

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