What should have been

Berkeley Marina was basically a microcosm of our trip to San Francisco.

After a fine day where we went to the Port of San Francisco, Chinatown and downtown and met up with friends from high school who lived in the area, we decided to take in the marina before sunset.

And it was lovely.

Problem is, when I think of the marina, my first thought is that it was a slog to get there because it was a lot longer walk than it appeared it would be.

To this day, I have no idea why the San Francisco is the only trip where getting around was so much harder than we anticipated. It’s too bad, because it’s a major reason why we view that trip as less than the sum of its parts.

Several years ago, I wrote about our “relationship” with San Francisco and some of the other places we had visited. It was a fun one to do, so check it out.


2 thoughts on “What should have been

  1. I grew up in a small town about 20-30 minutes from San Francisco. As close as I was, I really didn’t visit often but when I did I always had a great time. I was about 15 and me and my friends would catch the bus which took us straight to San Francisco for 50 cents. Bus was 25 cents around our town but they charged an extra quarter if you went to San Francisco. Awww the good ole days. 😁


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