No slices to be found

I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to just walk into an Apple store late on a Sunday morning and be able to see someone right away.

The issue was my iPad losing all charge for no reason and not coming back to life no matter how long it was plugged in.

The woman at the store took some info off my iPhone and got my phone number so the store could text me when someone was available.

No problem … it was lunchtime and I was hungry. I figured I’d just wait in the food court.

Thai place … not something I do.

Philly cheesesteak shop … nothing looked appealing, but I also wonder if mall cheesesteaks are like mall Chinese food, in that the only reason you get it is to remind yourself that you shouldn’t.

Japanese food place … see previous comment about mall Chinese food.

There was a Burger King, but I was in the mood for pizza.

Mall pizza will never be confused with what you can get in your local pizza joint (or the pizza Suzi makes for us Thursday nights at home), but it’s very satisfying in a pizza-if-you-really-want-pizza sort of way.

Except there was no pizza place. There was no reason it would be anywhere else in the mall, but I searched online anyway … just in case.

I found it … permanently closed.

Burger King it would be. I ate my burgers and drank my shake near the merry-go-round. A bell would go off and the horses would start moving. The kids seemed to enjoy it.

Suzi and I are the prime age — and so is Tiffany, which I’d rather not talk about — where walking around the mall used to be one of the main ways to entertain yourself and a desire for Sbarro pizza was all the motivation you needed, and you didn’t even need that most of the time.

Rainy days and Sundays always bring them out,” July 19, 2021

It felt like rain, and it was Sunday, but there weren’t many people out, at least not at the mall. It was oddly quiet.

Maybe it was because the Patriots played at 1 — although by the looks of it, not very well — and the state basically shuts down when the Patriots are playing.

We used to live near a pizza-and-sub shop that was closed on Sundays … weird, we thought, because football would seem to be prime time for people to be buying sandwiches or pizza before they watched the Patriots’ game with their buddies.

But maybe fans were so locked in that they couldn’t even tear themselves away to get food.

Or maybe the owners wanted to watch the games themselves.

The JCPenney was barred shut. Once upon a time, they or their fellow anchor stores at the ends of the mall would have been one of the first stops for a lot of people. Now, the only action was a guy sitting in one of the chairs outside the door, I think to eat his lunch.

I get that malls aren’t what they used to be, but even when they look more like mausoleums, it just didn’t seem right for there not to be a pizza place.

Shopping tastes come and go, and with them the stores to accommodate them, but if you’re out shopping at meal time, you need to get your food somewhere, and pizza is universal.

By the way, about an hour after I got there, I got a text that the Apple store would be ready for me soon. After waiting another half-hour to see one of the folks in the blue shirts — clearly any mall malaise is not universal — I got the news I was expecting.

The iPad was cooked, and I had to replace it.

I wrote this essay as part of Summer Brendan’s 30-day notebook challenge, for which today is the first day. I have no idea if I’ll be able to do it (bet the under), but I figured it would be a good way to try and unlock my brain again.


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