Ahhhh … : Sept. 4

Hey, I remembered that guy.

That’s not something you usually say about minor-league baseball players, but the name of Buffalo’s first baseman against Worcester rang a bell.

Granted, LJ Talley jogged my memory because last year in New Hampshire, his name looked like U Talley on the scoreboard, setting off a discussion thread between Suzi and me that included, among others, a former head of the United Nations.

He has moved up a level since we saw him last, and it looks like he’s having a decent year. I still doubt he’s any kind of prospect, but he’s a little closer now, maybe a slightly higher class of roster-filler at in spring games next year and … who knows?

It was our first game of the year, because we haven’t made any trips to New York, going to New Hampshire four days a week for work doesn’t inspire me to head to Manchester and while I’m sure there are baseball fields in Switzerland, we didn’t see any.

Plus, how did it get to September already?

The game itself was fairly inconsequential — two middle-of-the-road teams playing out the final month full of players who probably won’t be called up, plus a game that ended up 9-0 to Worcester — but baseball is still glorious, especially in perfect weather.

And then after it was over, we went for ice cream. The “small” cones were gigantic.

All in all, it doesn’t get much better than that.

What I wrote

Paul’s latest Captain’s Quiz was about summer.

If you’re building a faux neighborhood, how faux will you go?

Stuff I read

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Tweets I liked

May there be many more.

Suzi and I do this constantly.

It’s not a movie I’d see, but it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever seen.

Amen … also, it’s too early for Christmas songs …

… you know who you are.

This one hits way too close to home.

You’re supposed to do it more than that?

Sage advice.


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