Twice as … whatever: Aug. 28

There’s a scene in “The Social Network” — liked it well enough, but was surprised to read it was only two hours, because it felt a LOT longer — where Armie Hammer’s Tyler Winklevoss dismisses the thought of hiring someone to beat up Mark Zuckerberg by saying, “I’m 6’5″, 220, and there’s two of me.”

I wonder what would have happened if the Winklevii (that would be Tyler and his twin brother Cameron) had ultimately run what is now Facebook.

Or if there were two Zuckerburgs. (Shudder.)

But what I’m really wondering about is … while I’m only 5’10” and … well, not 220, at least I don’t think … what if there were two of me?

“Because the doppelgängers’ appearances are more attributable to shared genes than shared life experiences, that means that, to some extent, their similarities are just the luck of the draw, spurred on by population growth. There are, after all, only so many ways to build a face.”

Your Doppelgänger Is Out There and You Probably Share DNA With Them,” Kate Golembiewski, The New York Times

If I had a long-lost twin, especially an identical twin, I hope that someone would have clued me in by age 50, but apparently there’s at least a chance of another man in this great big world who’s not related to me looking almost exactly like me.

To which I first say, my condolences.

But also, where does he live?

What does he do?

Is he cooler than me?

Did he read a New York Times article about doppelgängers, feel bad for any guy who looked like him and wonder, “Where does he live?”

“What does he do?”

“Is he cooler than me?”

“Did he read a New York Times article about doppelgängers … ?”

Seriously, check out the article if you don’t bump into the paywall. Some of those pictures are freaky.

Stuff I read

Call it a wild guess, but I have a feeling Kat wasn’t quite ready to send her youngest off to college.

Pea Green is doing a lot of things other than what she ought to be doing. By the way, when it came to the part about doing laundry, it reminded me that I need to change the laundry.

One of Austin’s characters showed up in real life.

Renata speaks out against overachieving. It reminds me of the story about setting expectations that’s in this article.

Giggles has been doing this blogging thing for seven years.

Graham is getting ready for a new season coaching youth soccer (football where he is). He’s optimistic-ish?

Becky went on a Friday adventure.

E.G. failed his father (sort of).

Michelle sometimes has bad ideas.

Molly’s COVID has been an ordeal. So has been getting medicine to help deal with it.

Vee lists side effects of depression.

The BosssyBabe’s daughter used to be a perfect sleeper. No more.

The Huntress has a new job that she really likes, but did have a small problem.

Tweets I liked

“What if you just let go of the rope?”

So many choices, but off the top of my head, we’ll go with banning emojis.

His Majesty speaks.

Because it’s not whether you accomplish something, it’s whether you do so in the exact way someone else think’s you’re supposed to.


Possible third group … the people who say they’re in the first group, but secretly hoping they won’t be needed until it’s time for the second.

Make it hot turkey sandwiches instead, but same.

This happened to me once, and although I wouldn’t call it “betrayal” (she got promoted), it really did affect the way I felt about my job.

Does it work any better than it does with weird car noises?

I’m pretty sure I made him laugh at least once, but some things are a bridge too far.

I’ve been to Bend. I’ve seen this venue. I went to a Maren Morris show earlier this summer. This must have been amazing.


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