I got nuthin’: Aug 21

If it weren’t Sunday, and this is what I do for Sundays, I probably wouldn’t have written this.

I was busy all week, and nothing caught my attention enough to write about it. That kind of writer’s block happens to me a lot, but I can usually scare up something for Sunday, but not this week.

I think I need another vacation. Suzi mentioned something the other day about going to New York City in the fall.

I like that idea. We haven’t been in three years. I miss it.

OK, enough of this. Let’s move on. Maybe my brain will unlock this week.

Stuff I read

Renata had a very special necklace. How special? So special that she … you have to read to find out.

Graham wrote a poem about his state of mind.

Giggles’ summer ended very badly.

Kristian writes that it’s OK to be broken.

Paul observes that when you get older, people are less likely to give you free cookies.

Vee is starting over.

Pea Green and her family overpacked a bit for vacation.

Becky went to her first baseball game of the season, which is one more than I’ve been to.

Patty taught me a lot about responding to others’ writing, so I’d endorse this advice.

I used to go to this mall. I’m not sure what I would have done if I had seen this.

I don’t know the ins and outs of disputes over who’s responsible for what medical advance, but this dude seemed kind of intense.

Tweets I liked

Ahhh, yes … Cape Cod in the summer (not pictured, the horrible traffic, an unfortunate byproduct)

Hopefully the mean folks from down the hall don’t decide to interrupt.

Here’s the thing … for me, this is chill. Sure, the sitting and waiting can get boring (and frustrating, if you get delays), but I am incredibly antsy until I get to the airport, through security and exactly where I need to be.

Yes, yet it is.

On that point, it’s more likely right now that he’ll see an alphorn in Maine.

Never been to Costa Rica, don’t know if I’d ever go, but that looks enticing.

You know what’s going to happen, but still …

Even worse, being a homebody but not reading all the books.

Getting there is not half the fun.


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