Oh, that happened: Aug 14

I saw on Facebook Memories that I got laid off three years ago.

I certainly remember that day — two days after I got back from vacation, being so stunned I could barely talk, still having to work for the next two weeks but not going into the office until I had to turn in my equipment.

I remember spending the next two-plus years looking for a job, the constant battle between Logical Brain and Emotional Brain (much to my detriment, Emotional Brain won most of them) and a lot of the ridiculousness involved. (Ten minutes? Really?)

And I obviously remember the details of getting my current job.

But I didn’t realize the anniversary of all the unpleasantness starting was coming. I was actually surprised to see it.

And I was surprised to be surprised.

By the way, the company I used to work for had another round of layoffs a couple days ago, because … well … we all have to be good at something, I guess.

At least one friend of mine got it; I’m sure there were others.

What I wrote

Letting loose feels really good for a while, until things go back to the way they were.

Also, in case you missed it — especially since I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks — I wrote a lot about my trip to Switzerland. I think what I wrote is pretty good, but if nothing else, the scenery there is awesome and I took a lot of pictures of it.

Stuff I read

This may not have been strictly within the past seven days, but my blog, my rules, and it has been a while.

Bruce found a hidden gem. (I can vouch for the gem-like qualities.)

To find the answer, Mari had to change the question.

Kristian hopes she may always

Fran had a visit from a fairly random burglar.

Betsy had some fun moments at jiu-jitsu class. (In semi-related news, autocorrect would have you believe she’s taking classes in jou-Mitsubishi.)

Renata has found the one unchanging thing she wants in her life.

How is Rosie’s growth coming along?

Savannah saw lots of pigs. This made her happy.

Becky and her boyfriend Josh have been dating for a year.

Giggles has been keeping busy this summer.

Austin tells us about a very strange dream Aaron had.

Pamela shares a tale of a surprise at a party.

Jackie in Italy remembers her mother.

Tweets I liked

I have never, not one time, ever read anything by Hemingway voluntarily. I barely read the Hemingway my high school teachers assigned to me. (I do seem to recall that “The Red Badge of Courage” was OK.)

Apparently, Portugal also has some seemingly fictitious qualities.

London is nice.

Just taking it easy.

Not having cell service scares me, because I’ll be helpless if I have to go somewhere.


11 thoughts on “Oh, that happened: Aug 14

    1. The story behind that is that the friend who moved to Switzerland, which is where the whole “Switzerland isn’t real” thing started, is now visiting Portugal before going home to New Jersey.

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  1. “It’s a goat my lord….” made me laugh out loud. Surprises – I’m normally very wary of them. I don’t like it when FB reminds us of a time before. Just makes us either nostalgic or sad or at the very least, thinking about the past, when we should be just enjoying the MOMENT that is. On the other hand, looking back at that anniversary, you can be proud that your moment now is so much better than ‘back’ then. Thanks for sharing my surprise at the party. Thank goodness for GOOD surprises.

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