Letting loose

It started with the wind, picking up steam. Something was coming.

Then there was the thunder in the distance. It wasn’t here yet, but it would be soon.

And then the skies opened, with sheets of rain blowing sideways.

It felt less like a storm and more like a catharsis of the skies, a release of pent-up energy after a long stretch of hot weather and a longer stretch of dry weather.

It didn’t last very long, but knocked some branches around, and did a number on at least one tree that looked like it was dying, anyway.

For a while, things actually felt better, fresher outside.

But then things went back to the way they were.

It seems like that happens a lot.


5 thoughts on “Letting loose

  1. Bruce C

    That happens all too often. I post entirely too much political stuff on Twitter because nothing changes. I try to stick to Medium and photography, but every time I go back to Twitter, it’s the same. And I really dislike what’s happening.

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