Like it or not, time goes on

I’m not one of them.

It’s obvious even if you ignore that Suzi’s and my attire to see Maren Morris in concert is not country-girl cosplay and dudebro, respectively.

Even under normal circumstances, looking at them and looking at me would make it obvious that I’m older.

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Yes, I had fun: July 10

I was having a great time.

No, really, I was.

I know it probably didn’t look that way, not when you were dancing and singing to Maren Morris up on stage and taking selfies with each other while I mostly stood there, tapping my feet in time to the music.

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A balloon fades: July 3

The balloons Mix and his family got for my birthday must have had the high-octane helium, because weeks afterward, they were still up against the ceiling.

They were in the kitchen, but when warmer weather brought open windows and ceiling fans, Suzi moved them to the living room.

And there they floated. One of them is still there, but the other started to lose its strength.

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