Going Swiss: 20 years on

Bolognese, ice cream and gazing upon Lake Geneva and the Alps just across the French border.

The boat trip that morning had been enjoyable, Chillon Castle interesting (if a bit maze-like), the couple-mile walk to Montreux to see the Freddie Mercury statute … fine, but possibly unnecessary as hot and as tired as it made us … but bolognese, ice cream, the lake and the mountains were the ideal way for Suzi and I to wrap up our 20th anniversary.

Not being sure how I’ve been able to do anything for 20 years, much less stay married, this is pretty much the best advice I can give.

  • Find the absolute best person.
  • Marry said person.
  • Try very, very hard not to $%!* it up.

We leave Lausanne tomorrow, heading to the Alps and hopefully meeting up with Suzi’s friend who put Switzerland on our radar as a possible place to visit in the first place.

We’ve also reached the halfway point of the trip, the time where I start fretting about the vacation being over while it’s still going on. I hope it doesn’t happen again, but it always does.

On to the next 20 years.


6 thoughts on “Going Swiss: 20 years on

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