Going Swiss: A long way from home

On the road out to my parents’ house in New York, arrows on the side of a building point in the direction of and give distances to other Bernes in the world, including Bern, Switzerland.

I’ve never looked to see what the number was, and Google Maps tells me it can’t find a route.

I guess the directions would be “take a right, take another right, maybe one more right, try to find a plane, boat or amphibious car that can take you across the ocean to Europe.”

I know, slightly imprecise.

We stopped in Bern on our way from Zurich to Lausanne to both see the nation’s capital and if there was a similar sign telling folks how to get to Berne, N.Y.

Parliament looked nice from the outside, although we couldn’t go in. We watched kids (and a couple adults) run through the sprinklers in front of the building.

We admired the many Swiss and Bern flags hanging from buildings. We made it to the clock tower in time for its noon display.

We ate outstanding pizza.

But unless we missed it, one thing we did not do, however, is see a sign saying how to get to Berne, N.Y.

Sure, it’s not the national capital, and Bern’s river is far more imposing than the creeks where I grew up, but it’s their loss.


2 thoughts on “Going Swiss: A long way from home

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