Going Swiss: More fun for the rest of us

Over there, on the other side of the bridge, that’s where Zurich’s financial district is.

That’s where the would-be Masters of the Universe from the banks congregate, along with the spendy stores where they shop. After all, there are signs advertising a Swarovski flagship store, not that scratch-and-dent outlet stuff.

And it was almost empty. All the woman we saw could do was pose in front of a store for a photo, as if to say, “I’d buy this expensive jewelry/watch/whatever it was, but too bad the store is closed.”

Of course almost no one was around. The banks and the stores where the rich and powerful shop were closed. It’s Sunday.

However, I like to imagine that the movers and shakers of the financial world bailed out on Friday, retreating to their gazillion-dollar villas where no one could find them, leaving the city to the rest of us.

Who needs them, anyway, when the beach, the parks, the museums and other fun stuff is on offer?


FIFA Museum

Out and about


They’ll all be back tomorrow, making money, probably spending it, too.

Meanwhile, we’ll be off on the next part of our adventure.

As the boat tour of Zurich Lake neared the halfway point, they were visible in the distance, albeit through the haze of a 90-plus-degree day.

Call it a preview of coming attractions.

Unlike when we were in Newport last year, there were no mega-yachts on the water, no guide telling us which filthy-rich titans of industry or race-team bosses owned what we were going past.

Maybe they dock their monster boats and have their mansions elsewhere.

Instead, there were sailboats, paddleboards and smaller vessels everywhere. We even saw some swimmers.

One of the boats was from something of a distance, but I think it was named “Reboot.” A tribute to the success you can find when you toss out what’s not working and start over?

Maybe, maybe not. It’s a nice thought, anyway.


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