All I want: July 15

Just like I predicted, we’re almost there.

Plane tickets and hotel reservations for Switzerland have been made. Itineraries have been developed. The weather’s looking good, nice and warm all week.

I got my pre-vacation haircut, which I needed, anyway.

Of course, Suzi’s almost done packing, but I actually started. (Shhhh … don’t tell anyone. I have a reputation to uphold as “the guy who waits until the night before to decide what he’s taking.”)

We even have a book of German phrases for when we’re in the German-speaking part of the country, so if we run into someone who has chlamydia, we can confidently say “Sie haben eine Geschlechtskrankheit.”

It means “You have a venereal disease.” Either they’re looking to help young medical professionals — it was in a section on sickness — or they’re trying to inform a particular type of tourist.

Before we go, there’s one more thing I’m asking for.

Five easy days. Five calm, drama-free, angst-free days.

Will it happen? Of course not. It never does, but that’s what I want.

What I wrote

I’m not young, but I don’t want to be old, and this week included a lousy anniversary.

Stuff I read

“Ten years is a long time, but it went by quick. And that scares me.” — Savannah’s husband Chad was approaching his 10th high school reunion, and … wow.

Graham’s daughter was a baby, and then she left high school, just like that.

Pea Green ponders the idea of loving oneself.

According to Renata, hangouts for people her age all break down the same way.

Rosie is struggling with the different versions of herself.

Giggles has two weeks left of summer camp. I hope they’re less eventful than the first two.

A publisher rejected Austin’s novel. A publisher has bad taste.

Maybe I should adopt the “con artist” mentality that Sally mentions when writing about imposter syndrome.

Aaron got a spam caller to say something I didn’t think was in their script.

Becky went to the beach. It looks like she had a good time.

Mari’s working on a different way of looking at life.

Betsy also broke out some German … not that German, though.

Michelle had a very strange dream about her husband.

Vee knows that, in the grand scheme of things, losing a pair of AirPods isn’t that big of a deal. But she was still upset.

River spent 7 1/2 hours on the phone to solve a problem, figured out what the problem was … and nothing changed.

The BosssyBabe has gotten though a lot the past couple years, but this was almost too much to bear.

Tweets I liked

And even if you haven’t. It’s an all-time-great movie.

The views there are pretty good this time of year. (They aren’t terrible the rest of the year, either.)

If Mix and I ever tried this, we’d probably find some way to get ourselves deported … but we’d have a whale of a time before they threw us out of Scotland.

If the house was burning down, someone would notice. It was a small house. Games needed batteries.

If you don’t mind, I’ll take some, too, please.


These Sunday recaps will probably be off for the next two weeks, as I’ll be traveling. I plan on writing a bunch over vacation, but not compiling other posts and tweets.


8 thoughts on “All I want: July 15

  1. Michelle

    Don’t feel bad about packing the night before your trip. My husband packed the night before we immigrated, so that’s hard to beat 🙂


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