Yes, I had fun: July 10

I was having a great time.

No, really, I was.

I know it probably didn’t look that way, not when you were dancing and singing to Maren Morris up on stage and taking selfies with each other while I mostly stood there, tapping my feet in time to the music.

That woman next to me who seemed far more into it? That was my wife Suzi. If you saw both of us, you may even think I was one of those guys who was “dragged” to the show.

We all know what those guys look like, right? I promise you, though, I was just as excited to be there as she was, because I love Maren Morris.

And no, it’s not just that I’m old, even though as you were all enjoying her cover of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal,” I remember when it was originally a hit … when most of you were in … kindergarten? First grade?

By the way, I was shocked at how much of “Criminal” I remembered 25 years later.

It’s just that I’m so inhibited when it comes to these things, and I always have been. What if I look silly? What if I sound dumb?

I get that you probably don’t even notice, and likely wouldn’t care or remember if you did. I’m just that way. I’ll never be the life of the party, especially when there are 5,000 people at the party.

But believe me when I tell you I had so much fun.

What I wrote

Two days before seeing Maren Morris, I saw Josh Groban at the same venue. It was a great show, and one I desperately needed to get my mind right.

By the way, as you might guess, there was a big difference between the two crowds. For Josh Groban, I had to be careful taking pictures to make the guy with the bald spot didn’t get in the photo.

For Maren Morris, our view was partially blocked by a guy with a man bun.

Stuff I read

A fairly substantial thing happened in Great Britain last week. Fran was clearly all heartbroken about it, but Pea Green would like people not to forget how the country got there in the first place.

Renata’s a poet, and she decided to show it.

Giggles had some time off, so she went to her parents’ house.

A jacket reminds Jeff about the teenage muddle.

Michelle went on a few adventures. It looks like she had fun.

Mari’s working on letting things go.

Becky’s luck finally ran out.

Savannah and Chad had their first guests at their new place in Milwaukee.

Vee has travel dreams.

Speaking of dreams, one of River’s dreams is finally coming true.

You can lovingly watch your insecurities melt away, like the most natural, easy thing ever. Finally.”

Tweets I liked

I’m a sucker for a good beach sunset.

You wonder … did anyone ever tell them?

Did someone mention function versus style?

This, friends, is the definition of “upgrade.”

Even longer if I could.

The nerve of those people …

No idea why, but really … does there need to be a reason? (Also, although I don’t link to a lot of Instagram posts, Rosie’s fiancé Matt wrote a really sweet one.)

Hey, it’s important to have standards, right?

4 thoughts on “Yes, I had fun: July 10

  1. Thanks for sharing, Bill! Sounds like my family at a concert — me and my mom shaking our butts while my dad simply mouths every word and nods his head haha.

    Also, didn’t realize you were the type who wanted to live to be > 100! Might be a topic worth a bunch of us writing a collab post about 👀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I too remember the original Criminal. And it must be time for me to buy a shawl because the first thing I thought of when watching your concert clip was… my knee would never tolerate standing for that long. 🥴
    Style vs function. I’m dying!

    Liked by 1 person

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