Just be what you are: June 26

Whatever the “hydrating beauty bars” were, I assumed they must be Suzi’s as I reached around them to grab a lens wipe for my glasses.

Other than something called Verb that shows up at our door every so often — I’m guessing it has the market just about cornered on part-of-speech-based hair products — I don’t pay much attention to what she uses in the shower.

As for me, I’m a simple man. I use basic shampoo and soap.

Then it dawned on me.

The “hydrating beauty bars” … were the soap.

Since my soap was pretty much a sliver by that point, I grabbed one. The logo was artfully carved in, and it was smooth and curved instead of the usual flaky brick, but it was still soap.

I don’t need something that “nourishes and refreshes for soft, smooth skin.” I need something that cleans the dirt off me and ensures that I don’t smell bad.

And for a fleeting moment, I inexplicably got a tiny bit annoyed. Not as annoyed as when a moth kept flying around my papers when I was trying to get some work done the other night — in itself about as small and inconsequential an inconvenience as you can get — but still annoyed.

I get marketing — “World Famous Homemade Bread Pudding,” anyone? — but it’s soap.

Just let it be what it is.

Stuff I read

The are some things Cama accepts, and some things she does not.

Vee shares her answers to questions recruiters have asked her lately … along with what she wanted to say. I’m sure we call can relate.

Paul took a very long walk. I hope there was no one in front of him who likes to keep people from walking by just for fun because he’s bored.

Make Kristian laugh.

Rosie spent a weekend in Washington, D.C.

Based on what Renata writes about her favorite video game, they’ve changed quite a bit from when I played them ages ago.

Mari handles rejection much better than I do.

Jeff went back to the movie theater.

Graham has some concerns about the upcoming soccer season.

Austin’s tale of The Undisputed Champions of Texas takes a twist.

Pea Green offers reasons not to get into running. She previously gave reasons why you should run, but we all know this is the correct take.

James hasn’t been around much. There’s a particularly good reason for that.

Savannah went to the lake.

Becky has been out of high school so long, the school no longer exists. OK, OK … it’s only 10 years.

Michelle remembers “the good old days.”

When Sally is looking for the right word, sometimes that word is in French.

“One of my biggest fears in life is standing so close to something so magnificent that I miss it completely.”

“Maybe the reason I don’t recognize celebrities or long-lost friends or United States Presidents is that I’m too much in my own head, that I do not actively try to notice things. Maybe, in some ways, I really am letting the world pass me by.”

Tweets I liked

I never do, and even if I could, there are always new reminders.

My brother once stuff-blocked me in a backyard volleyball game. I landed awkwardly, so I stayed on the ground for a minute while he stood there and talked trash.

When someone asked what he was doing, he said he was “adding insult to injury.” I may have even laughed at that one (and I was fine).

The hot mic moment immediately before makes it even better.

Less than four weeks … less than four weeks …

There are worse things to have on your tombstone, that’s for sure.

This one cracked me up a bit.

You do see things in New Orleans: truck-driving drag queens hitting scooters, marching bands rehearsing on random evenings, people sitting at bars at 7 a.m.

All my life, people have said I look younger than my age. I don’t know if that’s still the case.

Looks like a pleasant evening.

5 thoughts on “Just be what you are: June 26

    1. Not me, no. I was just hoping you didn’t get stuck behind someone wearing pink and blue clothes, muttering something in Spanish about “a plan.”


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