Twitter travelogue: June 19

Let’s see how many of these I’ve done.

Oh yes, definitely that one … two … three … uh, yeah … five … six …

… seven … eight …nine … 10 … 11 … 12 …

… 13 … 14 … 15 … 16 … 17.

Seventeen, not bad.

Oh wait, forgot one. That’s 18.

Darn, one more. Nineteen, I’m pretty sure it’s 19.

Nope, it’s actually 20.

So what are the 20 that I’ve done?

Statue of Liberty — Absolutely iconic.

Walt Disney World — When vacations to Florida were a regular occurrence, we went twice. It was where I learned both about long lines and being afraid of skyrides.

Space Needle — I believe we did this on the one nice day we got in Seattle.

Times Square — My favorite place in the greatest city in the world.

Chicago River — We walked. We took a boat ride. It was part of a great trip.

Washington Monument — Back in my much younger days, I think my brother and I said it would be fun to climb the steps to the top. That’s not a thing I’d say now.

Mount Rushmore — A very long ride with my parents, my brother and my cousins.

French Quarter — I haven’t just been there. I stayed in a hotel there. It’s an experience.

Golden Gate Bridge — It’s a wonder the boat didn’t capsize from all the people trying to line up selfies.

River Walk — A beautiful part of San Antonio, plus we had the experience of a mariachi band singing the theme to an English comedy in Spanish while we ate in an Italian restaurant.

Niagara Falls — We crossed the border. We looked at the falls. We walked back. The guard wanted to know why the Canadian in our group was trying to get into the U.S. “I’m with them!” she said. They let her in.

Empire State Building — Have I mentioned the way I feel about New York City? Of course I’ve been.

Fort Sumter — Years before we actually went, a tour guide at one of the mentions in Charleston recommended we go because “your” government owns it and we should see what “your” government is doing. I was tempted to tell her that it was “her” government, too, since the North won the Civil War.

The Alamo — Mildly overrated. I wouldn’t say not to go, but the other missions in San Antonio are better.

Wright Brothers Memorial — There’s not a lot to it, but it’s the place where people first flew.

Liberty Bell — Did you know it’s cracked? (I kid. I love Philadelphia.)

Central Park — I think I was there three or four times before I went on a day the sun came out.

South Beach — If you’re an incurable showoff, particularly a young, fit showoff who isn’t into wearing a lot of clothing, South Beach is the place for you. The scenery isn’t bad, either.

Arlington Cemetery — Somber, as you would expect.

Saint Augustine — As I recall, it had a very long, very wide, very flat beach.

So that’s 20. It is 20, right? <<Counts again>> Yup, 20.

How many have you done?

What I wrote

Opinions … I have them, but did I blow a great chance to express them?

Stuff I read

Aaron’s father would have been 69 — “I know now why Dad took the time to remember the birthdays of loved ones who had long passed on from this life. It’s because if we don’t remember, who will?”

Savannah’s husband Chad turned 28 – “Chad, I hope you know how special you are. You’re smart and hard-working, tactical and cute, brilliant and capable. I appreciate a million things about you, especially what you do and how you do—often motivated by honor and responsibility, but also curiosity and flavor. ”

Pea Green’s son would have been 3 – “We’ve just made it through another holiday where we seemed to be surrounded by families with three children. Somehow it was slightly less painful than previous experiences.”

It is apparently quite hot where Jeff lives.

If you follow Renata’s interview guide, I’d say you have a great chance of either getting the job or getting hauled out by security. Even if it’s a Zoom interview, they’ll send security to drag you out of your own house.)

Graham is that guy, the one who doesn’t like the rides at the amusement park. (I am also that guy.)

Fran has a problem with a certain kind of ”good news” story.

Giggles needs some relief.

Becky had a nice trip to Maine.

Vee isn’t sure if the way she feels can be fixed.

Suzi has written an itinerary for our trip to Switzerland. This is not on it.

Tweets I liked

I live too far away to go back very often, but I miss the Cape Cod League.

I’ve walked this track. It’s hard to believe the Olympics were there.

Terrible and brilliant at the same time.

Could be worse.

Lucy probably kept promising to buy him one.

Also, the feeling when you realize your upcoming flight has rows of two.

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