Going out to eat out: May 15

The TVs above the bar were all showing the Bruins game.

What looked to be a family of six included two boys in baseball uniforms, so it’s pretty obvious where they were coming from.

Between people eating outside to enjoy the warm weather — even if the view was of the Market Basket grocery store parking lot — and the fact it was 5:30 (we had a basketball game we wanted to watch at 7), there weren’t all that many people inside.

Suzi and I each ordered our favorite dish — cheese ravioli for her, chicken parm for me, although I almost always get chicken parm when we go Italian.

The restaurant isn’t all that far from our house, and we’ve gotten dinner there several times, but this was different.

We were actually eating at the restaurant.

For the past two-years plus, for the obvious reason, we had only ever gotten take-out. And because Suzi usually picked up our orders, not only had we never eaten there, I had never set foot in the place.

Sure, we could have gotten takeout again, but it’s more fun to go out.

By the way, speaking of going out to restaurants, this one hit way too close.

What I wrote

One of our favorite activities will be returning soon.

Stuff I read

Lucy has some things she wants to do in the last year of her 20s. (Those were the days … .)

Aaron wants to know what people think when someone “unfriends” them on social media. To be honest, I don’t even think I notice.

Renata and her friend Rachel celebrate May 11 each year, and have no idea why.

Giggles’ life has been … eventful … lately.

Jeff’s garden is doing well, for now.

Helen remembers a woman she used to walk past in the morning.

What do Becky’s days look like?

Pea Green was going back to the office.

Savannah and Chad took a quick trip back to Colorado.

Someone’s getting feisty in Austin’s part of the world.

The person selling the house where Vee lives is pretty inconsiderate.

Michelle wonders about juvenile geniuses.

Christina remembers how far she has come.

Like riding a bike, huh? If I ever need to land a plane, we’re all in trouble. (He also does explain why the “riding a bike” concept isn’t as easy as it seems.)

Tweets I liked

If she says it, do it. Trust me.

I just live my life, blissfully without coffee.

I like when my teams win trophies.

Why do brains have to make things so difficult?

Another thing to be aware of … I don’t answer work emails on vacation.

I very much enjoyed Chicago.


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