Soup, and all the other gifts: April 17

“Gift” … that was the word she used.

Suzi and I went to a Passover Seder at our friends’ house, and even though we’re not Jewish, we partook in traditions both standard — the rituals surrounding the reading — and particular to our gathering, namely jokes about having enough food to feed a small army and my lusting after the chicken matzo ball soup.

Even though we had been there a few months ago, and the other couple who has come over the years didn’t join us, it was the resumption of a tradition reduced to drive-up soup pickups for the last two years because of … you know.

Sure, I happily ate the soup, but without the company, it just wasn’t the same.

It was another part of life that has come back, not just concerts, movies, games and shows, but gatherings with friends and family and largely being able to live a normal life.

About the only things that haven’t come back are travel and going to my parents’ for Christmas, the first of which isn’t completely about COVID, and the second not at all.

As we were leaving our friends’ house, Suzi said each thing that has come back feels like a gift, and that she doesn’t want to take them for granted.

I hadn’t thought of it with that specific word, but it definitely works.

Stuff I read

Jackie would like to make an adjustment to the dictionary. I’m on board.

Vanessa grew comfortable being alone, and that was a good thing. But it was also scary.

Graham was sick, a bunch of students were sick and he wondered if worse was yet to come.

Giggles’ grandmother would have been 105 this week.

I could try to summarize Renata’s tales of youthful foolishness, but nothing beats that she used the term “gluteal manslaughter.” (I also listened to the podcast where she talked about it. I recommend it.)

For some odd reason, Jeff thinks it’s weird to curse alone in the car. He’s justified for doing it, but weird? Nah.

Ally and a young doctor were equally confused.

Austin is expanding the Brunoverse.

Savannah’s Milwaukee exploration continues with domed botanical gardens.

Vee shares the not-so-romantic side of working at a startup.

River’s husband watched. I don’t get that at all.

BereavedSingleDad’s lifelong issues with horses continued.

The Bosssy Babe and her family have been tagged.

The Huntress is trying to keep the faith.

Tweets I liked

I wrote a thing about this (with a different version of “Hallelujah), and in the years since, I’d add Josh Groban’s “Angels” and Maren Morris’ “Criminal” to that list.

By the way, have I mentioned that I’m seeing them two days’ apart this summer? Because I am.

Not a chance

And imagine if the list of positive side effects was as long as the list of negative ones you hear now. My “favorite” is when one of them is death … and then they list other ones after that.

Jeans, shirt … I’m a simple boy, so fortunately, no.



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