Getting acquainted: April 3

Listening to a new album is like meeting a new person.

The first impression could be good or bad, but you don’t really know either the person or the music, whether it’s a “nice to meet you” and quick conversation or listening from your desk while it plays over the speaker in the next room.

No, it takes time, preferably one-on-one, to truly figure it out — the funny parts, the serious parts, perhaps the cheeky parts, the parts you look forward to and the parts you can do without.

Maybe you realize the person or the music isn’t worth any more of your time. Or maybe you make a new best friend or the lyrics become so ingrained that you sing them at the top of your lungs (or in my case, mouth them silently … I’m very reserved that way) when you see the artist in concert.

“The line between fulfilled and full of myself

I’m trying to find it and I might need some help

Standing up was enough of a battle

How do I not cast a shadow?

I’m a hell of a hassle.”

I was pretty sure I would like Maren Morris’ “Humble Quest” on first listen. By the third, I was hooked. She’s one of my favorites, anyway, but yeah, this is good stuff.

And although it’s not on the album, she does a pretty mean cover of “Criminal.” When Suzi and I heard the first notes during her Amazon special, we both thought, “Is she really …?” because it’s a pretty iconic song, especially for people of a certain age.

Namely, our age.

I hope it’s part of the set list when we see her in Boston this summer.

Stuff I read

Someday I’ll be inspired and motivated again to post between Monday and Saturday. No, really … I will be. (I hope.)

Teaching a different class had Graham pondering creativity.

Savannah had a birthday, and as you can see, she and Chad bought a new house in Milwaukee, but it was quite a journey.

Pea Green has been overwhelmed lately.

According to Austin, Aaron’s acting kind of weird.

Renata’s parents are two of her best friends. She also has an observation about their sense of humor that also applies to Suzi’s and mine.

Rosie’s mind was pretty well occupied in March. (By the way, Rosie, winter in New England was fairly tame this year, but it’s only April 2, so there’s still a chance!)

Jeff is not a great gardener, but he keeps trying.

Kristian is in an apple pie state of mind.

We learn in Becky’s March recap that her boyfriend Josh is an absolute keeper.

Giggles’ evil former landlord reappears.

The snow keeps falling on Vee, literally and figuratively.

Pepper has decided on a summer vacation, and it looks like quite a trip.

There was only one way for River’s husband to celebrate his birthday.

Tweets I liked

A little harsh. I would have gone for “doesn’t get out much because he’s a little antisocial on the bad days,” but I won’t argue too hard.

Looks like a nice place to take a break.

Also nice, and much closer to home.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, his first shows after all the unpleasantness were in Boston a few days later. It led off the news, took up the first 10 minutes, and one of the three reporters on-scene claimed to hear a woman behind her say she didn’t know who Chris Rock even was until the Oscars.

Because “Rock” is sometimes a comedian’s last name, and sometimes it’s what you live under.

Although I’ve met some fine people from New Jersey, it’s not exactly my favorite state.

This, however, is good stuff.

Can I go? Not with them — they don’t know me, and they’d probably find it really creepy — but on a holiday.

I don’t have an opinion on most shoes, but I would like to use this opportunity to remind people that ragging on Nickelback is stupid when Coldplay exists.

I imagine the dog was very happy to have that ability back.

I’m sure it got quite a reaction. If this had been the 1980s, she and her daughter might already be in federal prison.


11 thoughts on “Getting acquainted: April 3

  1. Thanks for sharing, Bill! Glad that you and Suzi could relate 🤣 also, so proud of my state and our “new state bird” lol. Next a new slogan: “don’t hate us cuz you ain’t us.” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

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  2. I was born in NJ and visited often as a kid as my dad lived there. I hated it and said I’d never go there voluntarily. Then I ended up living there for about a decade because of work. It’s actually not as bad as I thought growing up…and the sentimentality behind this new state bird choice is right on the mark for capturing the state’s charm. Haha.

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