Am I getting dumber?: March 13

When Suzi and I first started dating — back in the days when the visits were every other weekend or so at her place in Connecticut or mine in New York — she told me she had been on a quiz show as a high-schooler.

And she had videotapes.

So of course I insisted on watching them. I was, of course, enthralled.

The show was “As Schools Match Wits,” the type of local high school quiz show that I’m guessing exists pretty much everywhere. My high school took part one year, and while my friends tried to get me to go, I passed.

I can’t remember why I wasn’t interested, but after watching the 2022 edition of “As Schools Match Wits” the other night, maybe I subconsciously realized that if I ever was on the show, I wouldn’t have done as well as I and everyone else I knew thought I would.

Because, following along on TV, I bombed it.

It wasn’t just that Suzi knew more of the answers than I did, including the details of Charles V’s reign as Holy Roman Emperor from 1519 to 1556 — yup, a real question — but that I did badly on the spelling questions.

I have been a great speller my entire life. Even now, spellcheck is now likely to catch typos more than actual spelling errors. (By the way, any spelling errors in this post are more likely to be typos.)

But of the five words, I may have gotten two right.

Devastating … just devastating.

And then “Wheel of Fortune” came on. Again … I used to clean up, and while I think the game has tricked out the puzzles the way some people believe The New York Times has messed with Wordle, “barbecue sauce” isn’t exactly a heavy lift.

I’d better get my smarts back going, because I’m too far gone for the other one.

Stuff I read

The last thing the Brain wanted to do this week was come up with anything to write, so we move on.

Austin, Aaron, Holly and I are all glad that the baseball lockout is over.

Graham went on a special tour.

Over at Pea Green’s place, Pepper wrote about losing a friendship. (And while I’m not going to brag about bringing Pea Green and Pepper together … I did bring them together. The power of Sundays!)

Speaking of Pea Green, as I’m reading her post on outdoor etiquette, I see “walk on the right so you’re facing traffic” and thinking she has it backwards … and then I remember where she lives versus where I live.

Sometimes magic happens when Renata stays up past her bedtime.

Jeff wants to know if we will tire of the Ukraine disaster.

Lori compares something to the yodeling mountain-climber from “The Price is Right,” which is an automatic win at this here blog.

It was going so well for Giggles … until it wasn’t.

If only Aaron’s problem was as simple as a flat tire.

Rosie isn’t sure if working from home is right for her. (I like it, but I’m not sure if I could do it all day, every day.)

Becky shares some random thoughts, and the first one is so very true.

Michelle already knew there were difference between South African English and American English. Now she’s learning that Australian English is its own particular beast.

River found something for her husband to do.

Julie is trying to keep things in perspective.

Tweets I liked

They look happy.

My alma mater rules, no matter what you call it. (The school has even put out advice about how to handle the name change on a resume.)

More fakeness.

Shhh … no spoilers please (other than I know I need to watch the McLaren episode about the Italian Grand Prix and I’m aware of how the season ends).

If there’s such a thing as an Iron Law of Procrastination, I think this would be it.

I’m sure the dog appreciated it.


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