Gone, just like that: Feb. 20

Completely out of the blue, I learned the other day that the college I attended has ceased to exist.

It’s the place where I learned so much (and not just in the classroom), made amazing friends made enough memories to last multiple lifetimes (seriously, tons of them) and generally just did a ton of growing up.

From a place I never imagined going to because I literally hadn’t heard of it to a seminal part of my life … up to and including being the basis of one of my Twitter handles and personal email addresses … gone.

Don’t get me wrong … they haven’t shut the place down, its acreage to be absorbed into the hospital across the street or turned into some ghastly development after years of arguing and bureaucratic wrangling while the property goes to seed.

It’s just not Utica College anymore.

It’s Utica University.

I am aware this is shallow and silly, but my first reaction was “Am I going to have to get new merch?”

After all, the change presumably makes the two hooded sweatshirts (one of which I’m wearing as I write this, and no, you don’t get a selfie), sweatshirt, two baseball caps and long-sleeve T-shirt obsolete.

On the top shelf of the bookcase in our TV room sits one of the first gifts I ever gave Suzi — matching stuffed bears, one wearing a Mount Holyoke shirt and the other wearing a Utica College shirt.


And as a professor friend pointed out, they’re going to have to be really careful making shirts, especially women’s one, with the initials “UU” on them. Think about it, and ladies, if your dudes don’t seem to be figuring it out, bring them up to speed.

Speaking of UU, while it does possibly eliminate confusion with other UCs in Connecticut, Ohio and throughout California, will people think I spent four years with the Unitarians? (Nothing against Unitarian Universalists … I’m just not a member, nor do I have plans to be.)

But although I’ll do it — and the college does include a link to the campus bookstore in the FAQs about the name change — it’s not a rebrand to get people to buy new gear.

It’s actually a state recognition of what the school has to offer, what the college president said “ …represents the culmination of decades-long commitment to strategic growth, academic excellence through innovative programs and curricula, and an unwavering belief in providing incredible, life-changing opportunities to all students through higher education.”

As always, the stream keeps flowing.

Listen to this

Speaking of college friends, my friend Bob was recently a guest on a podcast, and had so much to say — I believe the technical term for this is “quelle surprise” — that the host broke it up into two episodes.

But that’s OK, because listening to Bob talk is one of the most-entertaining things a person can do, and he’s one of the best people you could possibly meet, so I encourage everyone to listen to Part 1 and Part 2.

What I wrote

I fear there was a lesson I should have learned during my travels, but didn’t.

Stuff I read

Thank you, Jackie, for the reminder that there is still baseball.

Austin has the tale of four men pondering new career opportunities.

RJ writes about her way out.

Jeff had to deal with a horrible situation. Personally, I don’t know how he managed. (Please note sarcasm.)

Monty gets all the way real over at Buffalo Sauce Everywhere.

Pea Green is getting by.

Rosie highly recommends going to New Orleans. I concur.

Becky went to a Super Bowl party, meaning she hung out with people again.

Lindsay shares hers and Ian’s story. (True confession time: I grab stuff for this post from Sunday to Saturday, sometimes very early Sunday morning if I see something and can work it in. Lindsay’s post was for Valentine’s Day, which I had to remind myself happened in the past seven days. It was a week, folks.)

Savannah says goodbye to her house.

Giggles finally had a bit of calm.

Pepper lost her Instagram. She doesn’t know what she did, and doesn’t know how to fix it. Other than that, everything’s cool.

Michelle has guilty pleasures.

BosssyBabe won the lottery, in a manner of speaking.

River’s electricity constantly goes out, but the power company makes up for it by constantly jacking up the bills.

Tweets I liked

This raises a few questions. Which one was Renata waiting for? If it’s the second one, why? And did either ever arrive? (By the way, the other one was apparently “orange.”)

It’s more of a silly memory than a petty grudge, but all I could think of is my friend’s (now-ex-)wife who worried about me pushing a little girl on the swings because I “don’t have the maternal instinct.”

House I grew up in … three dorm rooms (although all in the same building, but I’ll count them as three) … three apartments … three houses … so 10.



19 thoughts on “Gone, just like that: Feb. 20

  1. Don’t throw those shirts out! They’re now collectors items and will bring at least $3 at your local flea market… if my husband doesn’t make you an offer first. As for UU… all I can say is, wow. But you realize you’re not the only one. Ulster University in Northern Ireland best you to it.

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  2. I totally get how you’re feeling with the name change. The school I went to (and now work at) changed from a college to university a little over 10 years ago (one year before I started there as a freshman). And I can tell you people still refer to us as a college sometimes and we’re like, it’s been 10 years! But definitely hold onto your old college apparel; I know a lot of our alums still cherish their college gear vs. getting new university apparel.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. UU, huh? So it’ll be known as the Double U? Or just “W” for short?

    There’s a university in Toronto that’s getting an entirely new name soon because the current person its named after has a troubling past. It’s the right call though I’m sure people who graduated from there will feel weird about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve seen suggestions of “UU” or “Double-U,” which is, of course, not to be confused with “Double Blue” up your way.

      Which university in Toronto, and what is that all about?

      My high school was the Indians, and while the debate over those nicknames hasn’t really gotten there yet, it could at some point.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s Ryerson University. Egerton Ryerson helped develop the Residential School system in Canada which separated Indigenous children from their family, culture, and traditions, as to assimilate them into Canadian culture. Thousands of kids died in these schools/went missing. The details are horrible.

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  4. Having the majority of my working life been at the sides of many doctors, I have developed a keen eye for sloppy, unreadable handwriting. I’m fairly certain that Renata’s scribble reads “crazy.”

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  5. Margaret

    It’s a step up from college to university but it would take some getting used to. I agree with the commenter who said that the old merch is now collectors’ items. (that sentence sounds weird and ungrammatical) I am across the country from you and a graduate of the University of Washington. Over from Ally’s!

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