It was different for kids back then: Feb. 6

I’m pretty sure the answer to this one is no.

Based on the first several answers I saw, I’m not alone, which surprised me about as much as Tuesday following Monday. It’s just how we grew up.

Although our dude does have a point about the scissors.

Maybe it was because I mostly read about sports, so they figured it would be pretty harmless. Or maybe because I wasn’t a particularly rebellious kid, they didn’t think I’d be looking for anything too terrible.

Not that there wasn’t some really bad stuff — third paragraph, folks … third paragraph — but mostly there was just profanity, and none of that was anything I hadn’t heard before.

However, they didn’t exactly want me repeating any of it. I tried that once, from a biography of Babe Ruth, and was calmly but firmly told not to do that again.

What I wrote

I just didn’t want to finish last yet again in Paul’s latest quiz.

I did not finish last.

Renata won.

Stuff I read

I don’t have anything pithy or clever to write about Pea Green’s piece about losing a son. So I’ll just say to read it.

The power is finally back on at Pepper’s house, but while it was out, the neighbors all looked out for each other.

The winter has gotten so bad — How bad is it?!?!? — that Austin wishes he had a snowman he could talk to.

Rosie has gotten back into reading, but worries it’s just another escape.

Giggles has been in Ottawa for six months.

Look out, world … Becky has a crockpot.

Christina has been blogging for a year.

I bow to Fran’s ability to screw around with idiots.

Savannah had quite a month in January.

Ferrari misses someone.

If you talk loud in public, Michelle will listen without shame. (I can relate … I absolutely can.)

River notes that we don’t think of women in their 50s like we used to.

Theresa went to The Breakers in Newport, a favorite city to visit, especially since it’s fairly close to where we live.

For Jackie in Italy, COVID has been a lonely time, except for the cat.

Tweets I liked

One is a more-interesting story than the other, but don’t sleep on working out so hard you hurt your liver.

I had bosses like this many years ago, the types who tried to instill that we all trusted each other enough that we could say whatever needed to be said and no one would take it personally. In practice, that meant they could air us out whenever they felt like it, but if we dared defend ourselves, it meant we didn’t “get it.”

I must admit … I was pretty cranky when I saw this, but it made me feel better.


5 thoughts on “It was different for kids back then: Feb. 6

  1. Michelle

    If there was anything we wanted to read or watch and it wasn’t age appropriate, we just did it behind my parent’s back. But they weren’t too concerned anyway, so I guess it’s all fine.

    Also, thanks for the mention 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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