The week gone by — Dec. 19

Italian bishop or not, I have no idea where this guy is getting his info from, because I’ve seen Santa Claus twice lately.

First, he was at the Christmas light display in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just walking around and admiring the lights like the rest of us during what I assume was a break from his regular duties.

Then he showed up at the end of the Holiday Pops show at Symphony Hall in Boston and chatted on stage with conductor Keith Lockhart. We were up on the balcony, but he looked pretty real to me.

(It’s kind of interesting how we wound up at the show. Suzi was checking the internet to see if the Boston Pops’ holiday show would be on TV, and found out that Jennifer Nettles, my favorite singer in the world, was going to be performing with them. So we got tickets.)

When you think about it, Santa — and Mrs. Claus, who if it’s anything like our house, is the organizational brains of the operation — must not be much of a micromanager. After all, he pretty much spends all of December away from the North Pole, leaving the toy preparation, data operation and reindeer training in the hands of others.

And his job is not like most of ours, where unless it’s a catastrophe, if we have a bad day, we can try to do better the next day. Santa and his crew get one shot at it, and if they have a bad day, it’s a catastrophe for countless children everywhere.

If that’s not real, I don’t know what is.

What I wrote

In all likelihood, the easiest question I’ve had to answer all year — “What is your favorite Christmas movie?”

“There are choices besides Love Actually’?”

By the way, I believe we are watching it tonight.

Stuff I read

Note: This is the last of these posts I’ll be doing in 2021, as next Sunday’s post will be reviewing the year on the blog, and possibly some thoughts about the blog in 2022.

Bruce attended a Wreaths Across America event.

“On a windy Friday morning, hundreds of volunteers showed up at the Massachusetts Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery to place wreaths on more than 3,000 headstones.

It may have been a solemn occasion, but there was laughter and smiles all around as family members and veterans recalled their comrades and loved ones before placing a wreath on their grave.”

Savannah recaps 2021, and looks ahead to next year.

“As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, Chad and I are thankful for all the joy and love that 2021 brought to our lives. We made some incredible memories and are looking forward to many more to come.

Overall, this has been a year full of growth and development, and we’re excited for emerging adventures in 2022. Cheers!”

Ally sets her goals for 2022, plus a little more.

“In keeping with my longstanding habit of deciding on a Word of the Year, while I pursue these numerically-based Goals I’ll implement my 2022 Word of the Year. It is how I shall do these things.

My word is ENJOY.”

Speaking of words of the year, how did Rosie do with hers this year?

“In general, I actually think I made a lot of decisions for myself this year that led to an overall better well-being. I left my job, I got a new dog who helps keep me active, I pursued a nutritional program, and while I think I can do better, I’m not disappointed in myself.”

As Giggles thinks about next year, a number is on her mind.

“This time next year I’ll be 35 and that is kind of bothering me right now. I hope to get over that. My age has never really bothered me before, but as I’m getting closer to 35 it has been. Not married, no kids, these things tend to have a definite number with them as women. Especially having kids. But it’s all in God’s hands so I try not to stress too much about it.”

Pepper is just about through the crazy part.

“Remember that package from China that I was worried about? It arrived!!! So that’s no longer a stress for me. I have just a few little things left, but I can pick them all up locally so I’m not worried – no more shipping to deal with.”

Renata’s fiancé Dan wrote about the toys he got for Christmas growing up, including a dangerous-sounding Thomas the Tank Engine. Who knew?

“Ever step on one? Might as well step in your parent’s tool box barefooted, especially if stepping on one sitting upright. Thomas wanted you to feel the pain of the little engine that could!”

Jeff goes old-school dictionary to say that Scrooge may have been right, at least a little.

“So, with ‘Bah! Humbug!’ Scrooge wasn’t simply throwing crotchety sewage on holiday cheer. He was calling the festivities themselves a hoax.

And aren’t they, sometimes? As when we warm to expressions of peace on earth, good will to all – while speaking, acting hatefully. Or exalt shopping rather than, like the manger babe all grown up, serving the needy.”

Stan’s wife wanted to see a project he made with his father as a kid.

“Breathing deeply, I removed the glass and worked on it and, after a trip to the hardware store, I put it back together and plugged it in. My Dad came to life in my memory ever so strong. I relived our time in his workshop.”

I’m can’t remember if Paul and Mary made Pea Green’s favorite Christmas treat in one of the Christmas masterclasses.

“Ah this is an easy one, I love stollen. The marzipan and the fruit are just so yummy, I’ve already been through two boxes of Aldi’s stollen. Even better, himself doesn’t like marzipan and the kids don’t much like raisins so I get to eat them all myself.”

Becky and her boyfriend Josh went out for skating and dinner … and had an unexpected encounter.

“We went to TAP Sports Bar for dinner, which is right inside the casino near the ice rink. We both orders beers and a giant pretzel, and I would have gotten a picture of the giant pretzel if it hadn’t been for David Ortiz walking through the restaurant.

Yes, you read that right.”

Graham has gift ideas for the middle-age man.

“Now, I know, I know, I know that slippers seem to be the most stereotyped middle aged man gift going. And perhaps they are. But I’ll tell you what; they’re practical too. In fact, all you need to get some use out of slippers is feet.”

There’s good bedside manner, and then there’s what Vee got.

“He immediately got very condescending with me, telling me I shouldn’t be on the drug that I am on, and that it was stupid of me to start taking it. He asked me why I would do such a stupid thing as to start taking it. I lost it in his office, I was crying and shaking and trying to hide my head, he’s just so rude.”

Austin tells us that Aaron’s cable and DVR went out, and he took it pretty hard.

“Christmas was a difficult time for him, and his coping skills relied heavily on Hugh Grant’s dancing Prime Minister, Billy Bob Thornton’s foul mouthed Santa Claus, and the Rose Family’s similar views on the holiday.”

Tweets I liked

We can all keep tweeting, but there will never be one better than this, so we should just do it for fun now.

Because sometimes, you need to post something, but you don’t have anything, so let the world know it’s National (Insert Something Here) Day.

By the way, it would be awesome if there was an actual National (Insert Something Here) Day.

I’m guessing that Uber driver has probably heard weirder.

This is how you end somebody.

I will say again that the problem with having four seasons is that winter is one of them. Granted, she probably doesn’t get really cold and snowy weather where she is, but 4 p.m. sunsets are still 4 p.m. sunsets.

If anyone ever figures out the answer, let me know.


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