Get to know me — Festive Edition

Thanks to Pepper for the tag, in which you can learn a little more about me based on my answers to a series of questions about Christmas.

So without further delay …

What is your favorite winter treat?

While I am very much a fan of Christmas cookies, it has to be egg nog, since I eat cookies all year, but only drink egg nog between Thanksgiving and whenever I finish a container after Christmas.

What Christmas traditions do you celebrate?

Suzi and I spend Christmas Eve with her parents. We used to travel to various destinations around New England — mostly Newport or Williamstown — but because of COVID, we just went down to their house last year and everyone seemed to like it, so we’ll probably do that going forward.

Then on Christmas Day, we drive to New York — best morning of the year to drive, by the way, as long as the weather holds up — to spend the day with my parents and my brother.

Plus Suzi and I are developing our own traditions for the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Are you wishing for snow this year?

Nope. As long as it’s not on the road, I can tolerate a little on the ground Christmas morning because it’s pretty, but I’ll never wish for it.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

There are choices besides “Love Actually”?

Have you ever built a gingerbread house? What is your technique?


What is your favorite hot chocolate?

Lots of chocolate, milk (although just hot water will do), sugar if it’s not already sweet and whipped cream.

No marshmallows.

What gift are you hoping to get this year?

My gift list has been pretty boring the last few years. It’s almost all books, and since I read on a Kindle, I don’t even open the books, just pieces of paper saying what they are. My brother, in particular, is very creative in how he wraps the pieces of paper.

I also asked for jeans this year … very exciting. And my Yankee calendar will be arriving sometime that I hope is before New Year’s.

Yes, my days of asking for cool toys or video games or NASCAR die-cast cars are long behind me.

What is your warmest wintertime memory?

I assume the answer isn’t meant to be the Christmas where we visited my grandmother in Florida. That was actually weird, opening our presents and then going outside because it was not cold.

As far as memories go, I’d probably say it’s just the times I’ve spent laughing with others.

Now this is the part where I’m supposed to tag others, but I recently did that for another post, and I’d probably tag a lot of the same people now as I did then, and they haven’t all responded to the last tag …

… and, to be honest, I’m just feeling kind of lazy.

So if you want to share, consider yourself tagged!

10 thoughts on “Get to know me — Festive Edition

  1. Two things always come to mind when I think about Love Actually:
    1. My blogging buddy Bill loves that movie.
    2. I’m not sure if I’ll ever forgive Alan Rickman for buying that office tart a necklace and breaking Emma Thompson’s heart. (I saw a meme many years ago sharing this and I can’t help but agree every time.)

    I hope you have a merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even now, all the times I’ve sent that movie, I want to reach out and stop him, and every time, I wonder if he’s going to get caught in the store! LOL

      Merry Christmas!


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