My iPhone went black this morning

My current iPhone was an older model when I bought it, because I needed a quick replacement when my previous phone lost the ability to hold a charge.

So between that and the planned obsolescence of the iEverything world, it’s not a shock that my phone is limping along, if not on its actual last legs.

I have resigned myself to and am preparing for the day when my phone’s race is run, but my reaction was completely different the first time I thought it had crapped out.

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Thoughts of sleep

Don’t ask me to explain the science behind it, but I’m aware of the concept of a liquid or gas taking the shape of its container.

However, I don’t think the scientists who first figured this out did enough research, because I think I’ve found something else that fits this description.


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Using its powers for good … for a change

I have had no small amount of fun with the various recommendations you get online thanks to a combination of algorithms, artificial “intelligence,” viewing habits and who knows what else.

There was the suggestion I apply for a job for which I had already been rejected, which at least beats the job for which literally my only qualification was that I had a master’s degree.

I got a “personalized concert lineup” mostly of shows I wouldn’t attend if you paid me, and I’m pretty sure iTunes was trying to send me a message one day, if I could only figure out what it was.

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One more week

I start my new job in seven days.

Until then, however, I’ll be at the afternoon job I’ve had since early September.

My supervisors and most of my coworkers know I’m leaving, but the people we work with don’t. I assume that info will be shared at some point, and my guess is that some will be sad, a few may be happy and most won’t give it much thought once I’m out the door Friday afternoon.

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Casualties of play

There it sat — a big red rubber ball among the tall grasses … on the other side of the fence.

Maybe it was a misplaced kick, or a larger bounce than expected, but unless someone opened the gate to go get it (or climbed over the fence), no one was going to be playing with it for a while.

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The ‘Games’ were popular, but I wasn’t interested

One day, I was living my life, doing my thing … and a TV show called “Squid Game” showed up.

Where did this come from? I know the literal answer is South Korea, but I mean it in the looking-around-confused, “Where did this come from?” sort of way.

I haven’t watched it and don’t really plan to, although if you try to call during the “Succession” premiere Sunday night, I’ll hurt you.

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Facebook is very bad at giving gift advice

My friend Renee just had a birthday.

She’s one of my best friends, and we’ve been close for more than 35 years. She’s the type of person who if you don’t like her, I’m going to question your other life choices because your judgment is clearly lacking.

Granted, there’s the whole “obsessed with Dave Matthews Band” thing, but if that’s the main disagreement we have after all this time (they’ve never done anything for me), I’d say we’re doing OK.

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The rain finally stopped

What would it be like when it happened?

As it turned out, I was going to my part-time job that afternoon and had just parked the car when the phone rang.

Between taking my mask off, hanging my badge around my neck and answering the phone, the things-to-hands ratio was not in my favor, and I knocked my glasses off so they were sitting between the seat and the door.

Klutziness aside, the phone call was what I hoped it would be … a job offer.

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