The change is coming

During the summer, the grass on my lawn got almost ankle-high.

It wasn’t exactly laziness — OK, maybe a little laziness — but more that when it wasn’t raining, it was hot for weeks on end and I didn’t want to mow early in the morning when it was cool because I worried about disturbing my neighbors.

Eventually, I did it after my neighbors across the street had a wedding at their house and I was worried the guests would think we were the neighborhood slobs.

Yes, shame, even if it’s self-imagined shame, will work on me.

In the fall, however, the danger of waiting is more that the weather will take a turn for the worse, so when I had a chance to mow, I did it, even though the grass wasn’t really long.

Mowing had another purpose, which was to empty the lawnmower’s gas tank. There were a couple years when I didn’t, and by the time the next spring rolled around, the gas left in the tank had gummed up the engine and it wouldn’t start.

The gas ran out right after I finished the entire lawn, so it worked out perfectly.

Of course, since this was likely the last time I’ll mow this year, the next thing I’ll be pulling out of my garage — other than the car, of course — will be the snowblower.


Also a sign that the seasons are changing soon, even though it was in the 70s last week?

Figure skating season has started.

Olympic year, too.

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