Because of the vaccine

I finally saw “No Time To Die.”

Suzi and I went to the local theater with the plush, reclining seats, and since it was a matinee — we arrived just as the previews were starting — I enjoyed a pizza for lunch before the movie began.

I’m a huge fan of James Bond movies, and I enjoyed this one. Without spoiling the ending, I will say that it left me curious about what direction the franchise will take when the next movie comes out in another couple years or so.

When I say I “finally” saw the movie, it’s not because we didn’t go as soon as possible. We were there on the first weekend.

It’s just that “as soon as possible” was 18 months later than expected, because of … well … you know.

This was the squad that brought us back … to the team, to the league.

We had been sort of “meh” on the Connecticut Sun for several years — bad trades of favorite players from a team that could have won multiple championships will do that to you — and the WNBA just seemed like it never took itself seriously.

And as I like to say … if you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will, either.

But a playoff run a couple years ago piqued our interest, and last year, when we were watching three and four games a day, sealed the deal — we were seriously into this team.

They may not have had big-name superstars, and Uncasville, Conn., isn’t the most-exciting place in the world, but they played hard, they played together … and it seemed like no one wanted them to win.

Those games last year, however, were in a “wubble in Bradenton, Florida, with no home games, and no fans.

You know why.

But this year, the Mohegan Sun Arena was back, the fans were back, and so were we … to cheer the Sun, jeer their opponents from Los Angeles, pick up some new merch and have a grand time.

They won that night, and were the top seed in the playoffs, but lost in the semifinals. I know I’m into a team when their losing makes me mad, and I was seriously angry when they lost. (The sports … they are a drug.)

Some improvements are required, but I want to see this team lay waste to some people next year.

“If there’s anything anyone takes from this: please, please get vaccinated.

I can only imagine how this process could’ve looked if I didn’t have the shot. It could’ve gotten ugly. I thank god for a mild case that I could get over without hospitalization and worse. I will definitely be getting my booster shot and recommend that for anyone else who can.

Take this s—t seriously. It sucks.”

“Confessions From A Sick Bed,” Sunshine With Savannah

Because of the vaccine, we saw “No Time To Die” in the theater.

We went to the basketball game.

I went to ballgames, including one with my brother at the new ballpark in Worcester.

I texted my pal Mix on a Friday to tell him Suzi and I were going for ice cream that night in the town where he lives, and did he and his wife want to come? That night, I told him about my job offer.

Speaking of the new job, I’ve been doing some virtual training, but I’m scheduled to do it in-person next week. The guy who’s training me did ask, however, if I’m vaccinated.

Because of the vaccine, we’re seeing our (also-vaccinated) families for the holidays. Granted, we did that last year, but it’s going to be a lot more relaxed this year.

We have tickets to see Kacey Musgraves in concert in January.

At some point, we’re going to travel again. Suzi’s musing about Switzerland next July.

There’s a chance we could get COVID doing any one of these things, but because of the vaccine, even if it kicks our butts like it did my blogging buddy Savannah, hopefully we’ll get through it and be ready to roll again.

Because, you see … we got the vaccine because we didn’t want to die of COVID, and we didn’t want anyone we cared about to die of it either.

But we also got it so we could have a chance to live.


8 thoughts on “Because of the vaccine

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  2. Michelle

    Vaccines for the win! As someone who had COVID earlier this year, I can tell you it’s no regular flu. I’m getting my second shot this weekend, and I can’t wait 🙂

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