Using its powers for good … for a change

I have had no small amount of fun with the various recommendations you get online thanks to a combination of algorithms, artificial “intelligence,” viewing habits and who knows what else.

There was the suggestion I apply for a job for which I had already been rejected, which at least beats the job for which literally my only qualification was that I had a master’s degree.

I got a “personalized concert lineup” mostly of shows I wouldn’t attend if you paid me, and I’m pretty sure iTunes was trying to send me a message one day, if I could only figure out what it was.

And then there were the gift recommendations, although there were people who found the p*cker polisher to be hilarious.

But every now and then, there’s a moment of glory, like when among the various sports-related videos (I watch a lot of them) YouTube flags a concert video of Josh Groban and Jennifer Nettles singing “Always On My Mind.”

I obviously knew about their “99 Years” duet, since it was on his “Bridges” album, plus it’s on the DVD from his Madison Square Garden concert, which was about a week after we saw him in Boston. Unfortunately, he “only” sang with Idina Menzel at that one.

But “Always On My Mind”? That was a new one for me, even though it was a couple years ago.

Thank you, YouTube, and if you want to share any more videos of two of my favorite singers performing together, please feel free.

One thought on “Using its powers for good … for a change

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