One more week

I start my new job in seven days.

Until then, however, I’ll be at the afternoon job I’ve had since early September.

My supervisors and most of my coworkers know I’m leaving, but the people we work with don’t. I assume that info will be shared at some point, and my guess is that some will be sad, a few may be happy and most won’t give it much thought once I’m out the door Friday afternoon.

Which is fine.

I’m hoping for a nice easy week, but like vacations, the last week at a job is rarely that smooth, so I’m anticipating some sort of disaster.

I’m sure it will be a doozy.

This was a job I never intended to hold long-term, to the point where I told the manager during my interview that I was looking for something full-time. She was understanding, and just asked that I give her some notice when it happened.

All the more reason to throttle down before the finish line, but I’m not wired that way, so I’ll give it my best (and fret if anything does go wrong) right through Friday.

I’ve already started preparing for the new job, reading up on the role and doing a couple virtual training sessions, with more coming this week.

However, I may have also started gearing up in a way I haven’t expected. Yesterday, I felt a little out of sorts all day until “Succession” came on, but that wasn’t until 9 p.m.

Could it possibly have been the Sunday dread, with the standard worrying about a new job as the cherry on top … a full week early?

Possibly, but that’s an issue for next Sunday.

I have this week to deal with first.


13 thoughts on “One more week

  1. Good luck with your new job, Bill!! 😊💃 I once gave 2 months notice at a job bc of the guilt I felt for quitting! But I checked out way before that notice came so it was time. I’m sure you will be missed 😊

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