The ‘Games’ were popular, but I wasn’t interested

One day, I was living my life, doing my thing … and a TV show called “Squid Game” showed up.

Where did this come from? I know the literal answer is South Korea, but I mean it in the looking-around-confused, “Where did this come from?” sort of way.

I haven’t watched it and don’t really plan to, although if you try to call during the “Succession” premiere Sunday night, I’ll hurt you.

“Squid Game” reminds me of another show that “everybody” was watching that I didn’t have any interest in. Since I live in New England, I don’t need a TV show to remind me that “winter is coming.”

* * * * *

Originally published July 24, 2017.

“For the show’s countless fans, the Season 7 premiere on July 16 marked the much-anticipated start to what will be two glorious months of premium television entertainment.

But for those who Just Say No to Jon Snow, it marked the start of two months of confusing references, absentee friends, and the not-so-gentle admonishments of the “Thrones”-loving masses.”

— “You can ‘Just Say No’ to Jon Snow, but that can lead to a very lonely Monday,” The Boston Globe

Apparently, “Game of Thrones” is such a thing that there’s a need to write articles about or for people who don’t watch it, like me.

Take, for instance, this from today’s Boston Globe, where we’re introduced to Mike Marre, for whom Mondays used to mean talking Red Sox or Patriots with his co-workers, “only to discover that the water-cooler conversation has become once again dominated by talk of dragons, medieval queens, and the happenings in some faraway land called Westeros.”

“I feel like the dork at the middle school dance,” says Marre, “standing in the back with nothing to talk about.”

Last week, one of my favorites, Alyssa Rosenberg of The Washington Post, wrote a handy guide that folks like Mike can use.

“If you don’t watch ‘Game of Thrones’ and don’t intend to, that’s okay! To each their own! But if you’d like to avoid being talked into watching ‘Game of Thrones’ by everyone you meet, or to understand the references you see everywhere, here’s your guide to the most important bits of what you’re hearing when the show comes up in conversation — with suggestions for what will make you sound smart if you get dragged into a ‘Game of Thrones’ exchange by accident.”

If I watched “Game of Thrones,” I’d read Rosenberg’s reviews for sure  — after all, she is one of my favorites  — but I tried reading her guide and most of it went over my head.

Plus pulling the cheat sheet out of my pocket or calling it up on my phone would be really awkward … “Hold on … hold on … <scrolling, scrolling> ah, yes, Euron Greyjoy …” before spouting off the one line she provides.

So why don’t I watch? Well, it’s something I don’t like talking about much in public, but …

… the show just doesn’t really interest me.

I never read the books, and fantasy worlds aren’t really my thing.

People who are into it, knock yourselves out … I’ll be over here talking sports with Mike.

I don’t like the Red Sox or Patriots, but I think we can figure something out.

7 thoughts on “The ‘Games’ were popular, but I wasn’t interested

  1. My daughter came home on the weekend and told me she has been watching Squid Game. It just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Like you, I’ve never watched Game of Thrones either.

    The other day I saw an ad for “Survivor 38193”. Actually, I think it was Survivor 53, but who’s counting? Another show I’ve never watched an episode of because I think the whole concept is ridiculous. I’ve always said they should make “Survivor Arctic Circle” and then we’d find out how tough those people really are. But no-one would watch because you can’t parade around in a bikini in -40 degree temperatures.

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    1. I’ve watched “Survivor” and “Big Brother,” but got bored of it because every season was basically the same with the same characters, just with different people cast as those characters.

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  2. I was late to the Game of Thrones phenomenon and didn’t jump on the proverbial bandwagon until I happened on one of the books. I quickly blew through the series and then had to binge watch six seasons to catch up.
    But Succession? I’ve been on board since episode 1 and am currently back watching the old episodes for a refresh.

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