Want to be a public speaker?

Does the thought of public speaking make you cringe?

If so, I get it. It can be kind of scary.

Although I don’t have any advice on how to be a great public speaker, as someone who studied public speaking and has done a fair amount of it, I do have a recommendation on how to be a public speaker, which I wrote about for Laura from Laura’s Books and Blogs.

Laura invited a group of bloggers to write about something they did well other than blogging or writing, and in addition to my recommendation on public speaking, my buddy Renata wrote about escape rooms.

And as anyone who follows Renata knows, she’s very into escape rooms.

“After that fateful day when I did my first room, I couldn’t get enough. My fiancé and I completed as many rooms as we could in the tri-state area. Any time we went on vacation, we would find a local escape room that we could complete. At this point, we’ve done 25 different ones!”

David compared parenting to a sport.

“These kids don’t want to play the game how we’ve taught them. They storm the field naked, without padding. They run backwards around the bases. It seems that we’re just here to patch up the boo boos and brush off the butts.”

Louise is inspired by gardens.

“After nearly 50 years of reading, studying, asking questions and seeking guidance, my gardens are finally well established. It is time for me to sit on the porch with a tall glass of tea and ponder life.”

Struggling to find a hobby due to a chronic illness, Sabina found cross stitching.

“I’m only a fraction of a way into my 10,000 hours. Some months, my hands are too painful to stich at all, other times I might do 20 stitches a day, several days in a week. I did little things, a flower or a leaf using a small hoop. It took me forever to finish, but I had something to show for my years in bed.”

Cathay has a secret superpower.

“The untrained eye often mistakes this powerful calm centeredness for laziness. It is quick to label and to discard what it doesn’t know. It doesn’t know that this stillness is the fertile soil in which new ideas germinate, appreciation makes her way to the conscious mind, and tomorrow’s dreams unfold.”

For more, check out the post, and if you like what we wrote, be sure to let Laura know and check out everyone’s blogs!


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